Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fading by E.K. Blair

Review by Kimmi
This focal point in this book deals with an intense and traumatic situation. Afterward Candace's light begins darkening and some time and healing are both needed,  the reader follows this process with the story and it is an inspiring journey. I loved the male lead Ryan, even though we don't meet him until 50% into the book. He's sweet, caring, and would do anything for Candace. His character is so tender and patient for her. Even though Ryan had a tough childhood and a mean as hell father he still went on to become a great man and make something of himself. I also loved Candace's friends Jace and Mark, they are great character's and a very important support system that Candace really needed during the time she is falling apart and rebuilding of herself.

Here is where I have to add to this review the part I had a few issues with. I didn't care for Candace's character very much. I certainly understand she had a hell of the most devastating manner delivered to her, but she really does nothing but cry, this is totally understandable in real life, but not something I want to read about page after page. And it seemed to me that her character never truly grows stronger. She uses Jace WAY to much, and he is constantly enabling her. The plot was strong at first, then it seemed to drag, Candace's character is best described as a lost ship at sea, just floating around aimlessly with no direction and no desire to overcome what has happened to her. I was finally rewarded after a good third of reading the book when Ryan steps in and began to take charge of some things.

I would've liked for Candace to grow a pair and do what she should have done in the beginning. Don't get me wrong, there are somethings that Candace holds dear to her, her dedication to ballet, her resilience to work and keep her grades up in school are admirable. However I was really pissed off at the way she reacted to Ryan's big secret. She constantly takes and expects so much from him, she depends on Ryan for so much without ever giving him an inch, and when he comes clean with this minute secret, that is a blatantly obvious secret that should not have surprised her, but when she learns his secret she loses her shit on him, and doesn't once think about things from his perspective or take his feelings into consideration. And then her blame game commences. 
Another of my problems with this story is that there is SO MUCH filling, or padding done by the author. There were entire pages, sometimes chapters that added absolutely nothing to the plot. It was just ramblings of Candace's day to day activities: I woke up, put on this, and I did my hair and makeup. I worked today. I went to school, there were times when we go through her whole 3 hours of ballet practice, or a whole party, learning every one's drink, every party goer, and as the reader you think "oh shit! bad guy is so fixing to pop up..... ehhh, nope, nothing happened. She just went to a party that took me 45 minutes to read about." It really took away from the story as a whole. There were several scenes that could've been shortened or deleted altogether and would not have made a difference on the outcome of the book. 
I absolutely hate giving negative reviews, and I really don't want this to be a negative review. I hope it will be taken as constructive criticism. This story had an abundance of potential, and the basis was an exceptional story that was both emotional and thought provoking. Had it been more clear and cut straight to the point, it would have been an amazing book and easily one of my all time favorites. So with all that said, I give Fading 3 Kimmi Stars for the perfect execution of writing a horrible and very traumatic scene, and the three main supporting characters Jace, Mark, and Ryan.

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