Monday, June 17, 2013

Epilogue by CJ Roberts

Review by Kimmi:

*A huge sigh in contentment* I loved this book, it was was like double fudge icing on an already iced cake. An extra ending that I didn't know I needed.
I absolutely fucking loved Captive in the Dark and Seduced in the Dark. These books had the perfect balance of dark and scary as hell, light bright enough to fill the nooks and crannies, and a solid hand guiding you firmly and safely by the small of your back to absolute mayhem and bat shit insanity, that somehow makes complete and utter sense. Ha ha, ya still following me ;)
I didn't get to review The Dark Duet books because I wasn't reviewing books when I read them, but had I been able to, I would have been hard pressed to find the words to adequately express how badass and (oh yeah, I'm going there) life changing The Dark Duet books are while reading them. They're the epitome of the books that you want to unread just so you can read them again.
And now for the icing on the icing, Epilogue.......
Completely written from Caleb's POV. I really could end the review right now if you've read The Dark Duet, I could say "Completely written from Caleb's POV, ENOUGH SAID!" And you would high tail your ass to Amazon Kindle and order this book before you could finish "Caleb's POV" part in my review. You want to know how I know this? Because that's all it took for me, my really good friend Mel was txting me and her txt said "so hey, I'm freakin so damn excited about Epilogue coming out in a couple of months girl! Aren't you?" In my mind I'm like "Epilogue? What the hell is Epilogue?" So I txt back, "yeah girl but I'm even more excited about blah blah" she says "GIRL! Epilogue... the unexpected third book from The Dark Duet is ALL in Caleb's PO......."
I'm not sure what else her txt said, I was on amazon pre-ordering that shit, It was so bad I tried to pre-order it more than a dozen times! Lmao! It kept telling me "you've already made this pre-order" I'm all "DAMMIT! Just let me buy it twice! I need two! No, 5 copies on my kindle! I don't know why just give it to me!!!" Sorry I got waaay off course, ok now, back to Caleb.....

So Seduced in the Dark ended (I thought) perfectly. I was very happy with the ending, I felt satisfied and rewarded for all the shit I had to go through w/ Livvie's poor tortured self. 
However, when I started Epilogue I realized yes, The Dark Duet ended perfectly, and I was satisfied, but why just be satisfied when I can gorge myself, eat until I'm so full I may get sick, drink until I'm shit faced drunk, have sex until I can't walk straight for days........

Well? Why the hell not? That's what Caleb's story gave me, and I loved every second inside his head. I loved his side of the story, I love his twisted thoughts and his dominant mind frame. 


He is an Alpha male of fucking epic proportions! And every one of those 209 pages is all him! Ha ha, hell...........yeah! I can't go to much into a book description w/ out spoiling the first two books for those of you who haven't read them, and those of you who have, ehhh I'm pretty sure you walked out somewhere up there at or around POV *laughs* So, readers who need to read The Dark Duet, go and snag your copies and read them, then go grab Epilogue and come be fat, drunk, and well the rest of us heathens ;)
I give Epilogue 5-I love this side of the coin as much as the other side- Kimmi Stars *****

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  1. The entire series is EPIC! Seriously. It would make one helluva a movie!!!! I always vote for the dark duet series when asked what books you'd like to see made into a movie.

    CJ Roberts is one extremely talented author. Imagine the time it took to not only write Captive, but then all the well thought out and well developed story in Seduced. InFREAKINGcredible!

    Epilogue was just a juicy bonus ;b Caleb can slam me against a wall and... yeah, you know! Any day ;b