Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hope Restrained by M.S. Willis

Review by Kimmi:

And she does it again
*Bows before M.S. Willis*
Hope Restrained was a beautiful story of two fighters, each fighting for opposing sides of a war they have been prisoners of all their life. One fighter filled not only with light, but with loyalty to a brother with whom he doesn't share the same blood. The other fighter filled with darkness and shadows, willing to fight to the bitter death to save her only family left, her identical twin sister...
Like both previous books in this series, Hope Restrained consists of mind twisting fucked up-ness, it is dark, horrific, sick and perverted. But the beautiful parts, the parts filled with blooming love and a growing recognition of the other half of each other, were so exquisitly written that it almost made up for the ugliness the reader has to be dragged through, page after page by the author.

M.S. Willis... My queen, please, please forgive my ignorance. For I know it may seem that I am at fault for not believing in your utter exquisitely masterful ability to keep your readers attention in not only the first two books, but THE THIRD BOOK AS WELL?!?!?!? As I said Ms. Willis, please excuse my lack of intelligence. It has been, I fucking shit you not, YEARS, since a series has not only maintained my attention but kept me hungry, story after story and delivered EVERY damn story with the expertise precision that you've yet again knocked my ass into sub stance with. *Slow claps*... Now, what corner do you want me to stand on in order to pay my dues and get to beta read Honor Bound?

I've read every book in The Estate Series by M.S. Willis, I did it ALL bass-ackwards but it didn't matter, this series is still one of a kind. And Hope Restrained was another beautifully tarnished jewel to set in this crown of Monarchy proportions.
I started reading this series with Joseph Fallen (Purchase links at bottom of post)
I was worried when I learned that this was released after Madeliene Abducted, however I was already at the halfway point in the book, and well... There was just no fucking turning back for me dammit.
Kimmi's Review of Joseph Fallen
The excellent news is, reading Joseph Fallen first was the perfect way for me to read this series. It is a prequeal to Madeliene Abducted...
And holy mother of God!!! I loved Madeliene Abducted!
Madeliene Abducted is the story of Joseph and Arianna's son, Aaron. Aaron and his father have been locked in a stealthy little game of Pravum ipsum of chess for as long as Aaron can remember. And when Joesph notices his son's peaked interest in a certain little cellist he decides she'll make the perfect pawn... One he will delightfully enjoy to deliver his ultimate Checkmate.
Kimmi's Review of Madeleine Abducted

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