Sunday, September 1, 2013

Helpless (Book 2 of Lethal Obsession Trilogy) by Shandra Miller

Review by Lil'Max:

Beep Beep Beep****This is a special Report*** For the love of God before you read any further go to Amazon and one click Lethal Obsession.  I repeat one click Lethal Obsession because this review will pick up where that left off. That being said, are ya’ll ready for this shit? Nah you ain’t ready. Shit I wasn’t ready.  I thought I was but damn it Shandra Miller did it again.   Detective Angela Martin is lost.

And Angela just fucking checked out after mistakenly killing Tanner....... Yes, I said Tanner. The man she risked her career just to be with.
Angela needed to experience sexual arousal from pain and pleasure that comes with giving up control to someone…not just anyone…him, Tanner.  Since she has been suspended from the force, now she just aimlessly hooks up with random people she meets online that are into the BDSM scene. She is becoming more reckless by letting these men use her to self inflict her punishment for mistakenly killing Tanner.  Don’t get it twisted though, it isn’t all pain. She has enough hurt inside for it to be punishment for her actions, but she gets just enough pleasure to make it worth her while. During her suspension, she is seeing a psychiatrist.  She is making a little head way in realizing all of this with her new psychiatric therapy. However her old boss wants her to come back to work.  Now remember this is a small ass town she lives in so everybody knows now...... that the hot blond detective has got some kinky ways.
Okaaaaay…Now, when Anthony Carr the hotshot freelance writer from New York shows up in this poe dunk town to do a story on the murders and Angela’s involvement, she has an immediate and instant attraction to him.
Which is shocking because she hasn’t even felt interested in a man if it wasn’t for some type of pain/pleasure release?  However she is not interested in having to re-live her life around the murders and Tanner’s death no matter how sexy his panty melting smile is.  As soon as Angela is re-instated, BOOM the murders start again.  Of course, like before she is again, somehow linked to each in some way.  I mean this girl can’t catch a break for nothing.  As she digs deeper into the investigation, here comes Anthony’s fine ass hot on her heels trying to write his story.   Anthony is a smooth talker.  I mean he’s a writer. He knows what to say and how to get what he wants when he flashes that megawatt smile.  However, the shit is not that easy with Angela.  She wants nothing to do with him and I think this intrigues him even more. And, just his luck, there is a break in the case and awwwww goodie, goodie...... he is needed to help bait the suspect.  Anthony is not wanting to pass up an opportunity to get to know more about Angela, so he quickly accepts. During the operation things get ehhhh a little hot and steamy between Angela and Anthony, but he did just so happen to come into to town right when the murders started happening again. Ain’t that sumthin. IKR?!?!?!?!  Sooo, once again Angela is caught in the middle of this crazy ass investigation.  WTF? Who is out to get her? I fucking swear, it’s like playing clue damn it.  Shit it could be her husband, some psycho homeless guy, someone on the force and ohh ya, it could also be that sexy ass mothafucka Anthony. Shandra will have you thinking you figured that shit out and then ummmm, yeah NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!  So if you need to know,  then you should get your ass over to Amazon. Again, I thought I had it all figured out but ahh.. Shandra got me twice now.  I give this 4.5 BadAssDirty Who Done it? Stars!!!! ★★★★ & 1/2★

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