Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Brutal Tenderness by Marata Eros

Review by Kimmi:
For every single story in the history of time, there is always more than one side to each and every story to be told. We learned this lesson in High school and our first semesters in our college years by reading about the two headed God, Janus a figure well known in Roman religion. The double headed coin, aka People, all people have two sides.... A good side, a Bad side. A past, and a future. Two Sides, on every story, on every coin.
I don't know nor am I sure if you read A Terrible Love (Jess, aka Jewell's POV) However, I MUST STATE AT THIS TIME that I unquestionably loved A Terrible Love (Jewell's POV), back when my blog was nothing more than a baby, a sprout blog if you will, lol, I read and reviewed A Terrible Love...... Dear Lawd baby Jesus, DO NOT LAUGH! Ok, you are allowed 3 giggles....

Now back to A Brutal Tenderness, Fucking Hell!!! Have I mentioned that I'm all about bro's before ho's or dicks before chicks, WTF ever, bottom line..... Kimmi is a SMUT... WHAT?!?!? YES, WHORE! And what does the best smut whores pant and get hot over........ Fuck YES, you got that right, HIS POV!!!! Have you learned nothing ladies? Christ on a cracker, her POV (hell yes we are talking sex scenes here) it is just really so emotionally beautiful, it is...... lovely.....BORING!!!!!!!! I WANT HIS POV, his words, her pu$$y grasped my dick like a velvet hard sheath, Bitch don't judge me! You wash your kids school uniforms in the same detergent I do ;) You just don't like to confess to your smutty ways, that's ok, stay anonymous, lol. I am only here to lead you to your next HAWT read baby girl. Do you need to read A Terrible Love prior to A Brutal Tenderness, No. Will it make the sweet sweeter, yes.  Is it a necessity no, well maybe....if you want the full experience. 
Jess or Jewell in her previous life that she ran away from because in her home she was a victim of her brothers sick and twisted ministrations and as long as she stayed in that hell called home she knew she would always remain her step brothers primary target. After witnessing her step brother brutally murder her best friend Faith, she knows she cannot stay in the hell called home any longer, so after making her statements and laying her friend to rest Jewell high tails it out of town and becomes Jess.
She enrolls into college in a new town as far away from her home state as possible.
Cas is the cousin to Faith, and even though he never met Jewell he blames her weakness on letting his cousin Faith, who was raised like a sister to him be murdered in such a cruel and unnecessary way. Now Cas, an FBI agent has found little miss rich bitch Jewell, and with new murders that mimic Faith's happening all around "Jess" and her college campus, he has her clocked. With the plan of epic proportions and many players involved, Jess will become the perfect bait, for the perfect check mate on her step brother lurking in the shadows of this Seattle college town.

But when Cas is up to his eyeballs in this case, and his check mate plans are crumbling around him because his heart and mind have decided to go against him for the first time ever, he finds him self head over hills in love with the one girl he has no business falling for. This wasn't in his plan. And with his instincts screaming at him to protect the bait, the bait his investigation team set up, what in the hell is he supposed to do? Save this girl that has captured him mind, body, and soul......or let this plan continue and walk this razors edge?
With two sides to every story, like two sides on every coin, both A Terrible Love and A Brutal Tenderness were such captivating and nail biting reads, I LOVED A Terrible Love, but I gotta say because A Brutal Tenderness was Cas's POV, I LOVED it SO MUCH MORE!!!! I want to make babies and grow old with Cas's side of the coin A Brutal Tenderness, lmao.
A Brutal Tenderness nabs up 5-HELL YEAH IT'S IN A MANS POV!!!!-Kimmi Stars *****

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