Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Terrible Love by Marata Eros

Review by Kimmi
I LOVED the plot to this story, it was absolutely AWESOME! This story had a cup of dark, a quart of thrilling, and a damn pound of super freaking sexy! I really didn't expect to get sucked in as quick as I did when I started reading this book. The reviews that I read didn't have me chomping at the bit to get to it. You damn crazy reviewers, this is a Fantastic 5 stars, and if you don't think so, well we probably can't be book BFF's, 'cause we don't roll the same, obviously, lol.  Jess / Jewell is running from a past that is about to catch up with her, and she is running quick and hard and right into the arms of two different men that couldn't be any more bi polars of each other. Mitch is the good ole boy, that is willing to wait for Jess to make up her mind. But Cas, hell Cas had my face flushed and my breath quick before page 90! I was asking Marata "Hey girl! Can I get a spoon? You know what, never mind, I'll just lick him up." Yeah, Cas isn't waiting, he's taking, and he makes damn sure Jess knows he does not share! <- just the way I like 'em, sigh. 

Jess and her BFF Carlie have a hilarious banter, "Slut's Unite!" lol. They kept me cracking up the whole way through this story.


This story has twists and turns that had me screaming and gasping "NO WAY!!!! Holy shit! that came outta left field!" A Terrible Love is the perfect recipe of mystery, hot as hell sexy, and shocking character revelations.

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  1. OMGosh, Kimmi, where o where do you find these pix? Nice! Thanks for your review! xo