Monday, August 12, 2013

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder

Review by Kimmi:
Holy cheese and crackers I loved that story! It's a little bit of Pretty Woman, with a sexy amount of Dirty Dancing, all mixed together perfectly with Cinderella. It's a classic fairytale of a woman's journey from a hard knocks life to a lifestyle of the rich, wealthy, and famous. But honey this ain't Annie, lol. And I also don't remember any hot as hell, steamy romps between Charming and Cinderella happening in the back of the carriage either. WHEW! This book was smoking! I won't one point I just said "Screw it, I need a cigarette after that, shiiiiat that was HAWT!" 
Grey has spent her entire childhood and teenage years abiding by her fathers strict and inflexible rules. Her father is the towns preacher and has always kept Grey on a tight leash. When we meet Grey she is begging her Daddy to allow her to sign up for ballet, however he thinks it is immoral and refuses his daughter.  When the peace keeper of the family Grey's Mom steps in and gently urges him to see things in a different light, he concedes and grants Grey her wish, to be in freaking BALLET! AT THE AGE 18! Sorry, but I just couldn't wrap my head around that, however I did grow up to become a self proclaimed smut whore and I'm damn proud of it, so that's probably not saying much, lol.
When the Amundsen's have tragedy tear their world apart Grey comes to the decision that she can't stay in this town for the rest of her life, she doesn't want to end up like her mom, married to a preacher and devoting her life to the church, at church all day long every Sunday, never missing a Wednesday night and heading up the Thursday night women's Bible study group. That's not Grey, that's not the life she wants to lead.  She wants to spread her wings and fly, REALLY LIVE. So with nothing left in Macon to hold her there she leaves, heads for the west coast, she has a USC scholarship and lands in LA to starts working toward her dreams of being behind the camera, producing or directing. Without anytime for friends and a grueling schedule every semester Grey throws herself into her new life head first. And she's doing it! Things are beginning to happen! With excellent grades and  half way through her sophomore year Grey gets the opportunity to intern at a prestigious studio that has the revamped version of Gone with the Wind in the works. She is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, all her hard work is paying off. At least until she gets a message that she has a meeting with the financial advisers of USC, and she knows, whatever this is, it can't be good and she's right. Her scholarship funds have dwindled to almost nothing, and she only has 30 bucks to her name.  She hits the job search as hard as she can, but with no experience and the lack of jobs she hits roadblock after roadblock, and receives a solid No around every corner. On her way back from another empty job search she sees a Gentleman's Club advertising "Help Wanted" but she can't do that, she is a preacher's daughter,  a good girl, hell she has hardly ever even kissed a guy how can she strip for a room full of them? No she is a ballet dancer, NOT an exotic dancer. Nuh huh, not no but hell no, never.
Never, ever say Never.  If Grey wants this dream, the dream she can almost taste it's so close this is her only option.  Or she can go back to Macon, Georgia with her tail tucked. But she ain't going back to Macon. She has made her decision. So on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, she becomes Gracie, the stripper with daisy dukes and a Georgia twang. And she feels her self dying a little bit, losing a piece of her soul every time she steps off that stage. This is what she is, who she is now, a stripper, a woman that bares her body to men for money.
When Dawson Kellor, the most famous and sought after actor in Hollywood, requests her to the VIP room her life is irrevocably forever changed. The minute Grey's eyes lock with Dawson's she knows he can see straight to her soul, he doesn't see Gracie, he sees Grey. And it scares the living hell out of her. Once she finally gets over the initial shock of not only his presence but the effect he has on her she slips her mask back on and becomes Gracie. All for about one hot damn minute, and Dawson is yanking that mask right back off and forcing Grey to face him, dance with him, let him touch her, not Gracie, no.....he's touching Grey. And he's not onlytouching her skin, he is marking her and making her feel things she hasn't ever experienced.
The next day when she comes rushing in to a meeting a little late, not looking up to see the faces at the table, she takes her seat and her boss makes the last introduction, the actor that is the Male lead character, and the person that Grey will work closely with during the production of  Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler will be played by none other than Dawson Kellor, hearing his name her head snaps up and as soon as her body catches up to her mind she bolts from the meeting. Holy Shit, this cannot be happening.....
Oh but baby girl it is, and Dawson isn't used to hearing the word no, in fact he doesn't even know what it means, and Grey can keep on saying "No." but he doesn't hear it, because her body is telling him something entirely different. He will possess and protect this innocent sensual woman, he will pull out every trick in his bag, he'll stop at nothing to learn and know this enigmatic woman.
Oh me, oh my!!!! Jasinda girl you created the perfect story with absolutely fantastic character's. I was so excited about this book that the anticipation almost killed me! So much so that I was down right giddy to get my hands on this story. And girlfriend you did NOT let me down.  It was everything I wanted it to be and so much MORE!!!! Stripped grabs up 5-Hella Yeah, who doesn't want a Cinderella story with stripping in it?- Kimmi stars ★★★★★


  1. This sounds like such an amazing book! I can't wait to read it!

  2. LOVE! Thank you so much for the review. Could this blog be any more purple and pink? I love it!

  3. this book sounds really good i cant wait to read it