Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha

Review by Kimmi
The Beyond Series is unlike any series you will ever come across.  It's rawness, grittiness is unparalleled on a  fundamental level. It's post apocalyptic stage sets the scene for some of the best shady, dark, and mindfucking storytelling. The most accurate description I can use to depict this series is The Hunger Games on crystal meth, with a fifth of rot gut Everclear to help swallow the handful of ecstasy tabs, seriously...... this shit will have you tripping that effing hard! And before you finish chapter 1 in book 1, Beyond Shame, and look around and realize you've just stepped into the craziest madhouse in literal history, you don't, you won't even bat another eye lash, you smear that bat shit crazy all over yourself, hope you fit in with the locals and never look back, lol.

Sheesus Christ I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I wrote a review for book 1, Beyond Shame then continued on my reading way to book 2 Beyond Control.  And you know nine times out of ten book 1 of the series is so damn good it feels like a hail Mary finger tip catch by the wide receiver in the 4th quarter with 0 seconds left on the clock for your 0 & 4 home team. And book 2 just kinda always steps up short and fumbles the catch. Yeah, lmao..... ahhhh not this series, no bitch this ain't that series.  My review for Beyond Shame was so ummmm, profanity laden with my Tourette's showing between every word that I had nothing left, I was spent, literally spent after book 2 Beyond Control.  Beyond Control left me speechless. And that shit ladies, NEVER happens! So when I finally got my grimy (hell yeah I still have bat shit crazy smeared all over me from reading Beyond Shame and Control) hands on book three Beyond Pain I went tearing off into it like a freaking mad woman and awwwww hell, I'll be damned if these authors didn't go off and do it again!! DELIVERED. Delivered with perfect precision even if they wielded a rusty, dirty hack saw to do it.

Six, ahhhh how do I explain Six..... Okay, Six is, for the lack of better words, she's fucked up.  She's been through all nine levels of Dante's hell and she's lived to talk about it.  But she doesn't, because she's still fighting.  She doesn't know who she's fighting, or why, but that doesn't stop her from fighting.  Even though Six is now in Dallas O'Kanes sector and under his protection Six is still poised to strike, still has EVERY line of defense up and ready. And trust is something that died long ago for Six. However that's all this sector, this family asks of her, and of course it is. It's the only thing she doesn't have left to give......

Bren is a man, shit, man is an understatement, Bren is a beast, a cool, and fiercely controlled dominant, fine as hell, sexy ass beast. He doesn't know his past, he doesn't know where he comes from. He does know that he is a weapon, a killing machine. He also knows that little, hard as nails Six has softened up a piece of him he never knew he had, his soul, his heart. And he'd give just about anything to get her to soften up towards him, let him hold her hand, guide her out of her own self imposed fighting cage. Bren wants to show Six that it's ok to let your guard down, let the hate and fear go, and let your freak off its leash........

Bren and Six come together like a motherfucking forth of July fireworks show and the finale is a damn atomic bomb. They don't love soft and sweet, they fuck hard and rough, they shove and bite, they pull and yank. And dear Lord baby Jesus IT'S HOT!!!!!
WHEW! I loved Beyond Pain, I loved it so much I want to move in with it, bath in it, soak in it. I want it back. I want to unread it so I can re read it, and hell yes I'm freaking crazy as hell! I seriously hoped you'd figured that shit out by now tho ;p

Beyond Pain, here you go you sexy beast 5-Beyond out of this world mindfucking- Kimmi stars ★★★★★

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  1. OMG! Now this is fraking hott as hell, Kimmi! You've totally got me wanting to blow off all my duties, my writing... Fraking EVERYTHING to go read this. Dirty friggin hell! Gotta go get done so I can indulge tonight! Dammit, Kimmi!!!!!