Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Erotic Midnight Musings Vol 2: Pleasure by Mark Davis

Review by Kimmi:
To say Mark Davis has done it AGAIN is an epic understatement.  In EMM volume 1: Domination his words made my knees buckle and my skin flush. In his second volume: Pleasure, of Erotic Midnight Musings Mark Davis's words evoke hot and steamy sensual feelings that will both steal your breath away and also leave you thinking "Oh MY SHIT! I just fell ass over teakettle in love with this poet", lol.

Christ in a cracker I lovedLOVED EMM 2!! Somewhere between 'Her Phone...' and 'Good Girl' I realized "Oooh, OH... this IS different..." See, I almost hesitated on this 'Buy now w/ 1 click' because his first anthology or collection of erotic poetry was so, SOOOO, gahhhh I can't even think of the word! EROTIC!! Seems fitting ;) And if I already have one collection of erotic poems, surely I don't need two. Well thank the Aphrodite goddess I got over my hesitant hand hover and did '1 click' and, and, and damn! HOT DAMN I am SO glad I did.
We all know these EMM Volume describing words separately, we know their definitions and we know the desires and sexual thoughts they elicit. However, when laid out side by side and compared through this poets words, that's when YOU REALLY get it, the light bulb goes off, the understanding dawns. Both words Domination and Pleasure are affiliated or associated with sex, but once I finished volume 2 I understood what Mark Davis was showing or explaining between the stanzas and pages. This is apples and oranges baby. While Domination is sexy as hell and leaves you hot, aching and needy, Pleasure.... *sighs* is pleasurable,  it's beautiful, it's sexy beautiful, erotically beautiful, sinfully beautiful, it's pleasing, it's just ~beautiful.
So in simple terms yes, Mark Davis HAS done it again, however when the reviewer in me scratched the surface and not only read this poets words, but listened to what this century's erogenous and risqué Poe was saying, what I saw under the surface  proved to me that Mark Davis has not only done it again..... but just hands down proved he is HERE to stay. These poems go so damn beyond "Roses are red, and silky is lace", they are moving and awakening. These poems arouse the imagination to new and unknown beautifully pleasing heights.
Erotic Midnight Musings gets 5-holy hell, he brought poetry back in style- Kimmi Stars *****

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  1. Sighs I have followed him for two years saw the talent and the passion he puts into his prose. And he can write a simple poem....not erotic....and still he can evoke emotions. I too am a writer but can't write a poem to get myself out of a paper bag. I have both volumes and after reading ur review, need pump up my "volume".