Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bare Assets by M.L. Stephens

Review by Lil' Max: 
You can take everything that has ever happened to you and bottle it up.  You can stuff it way down deep in the depths of your soul but eventually, it will come to the surface. Sometimes in bits in pieces, others a full-fledged avalanche that comes rolling down. As much as your want to be in control of your life and map out exactly where you want to be in your 5 year plan, things have a funny way of working out. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.....right? Love or lust can make us a little jaded, cautious, and shit.... guarded if you will, because your heart tends to be the thing you protect once it's been shattered.  You pick up the pieces and glue it back together but those cracks are a reminder of the life you left behind.  The pain and anguish you had to overcome to get to the here and now.  People come into your life for a reason, a season, and a lifetime, it may just take a while to figure out what category they fit into. 

Angela has been broken and put back together, she isn't the quiet, small town Southern girl anymore.  She up and left her hometown and made a life for herself that she never in her wildest dreamed imagined as stripper no less.  She started from the ground up and made her own destiny.  She now owns her own 5 star club in a “man’s industry” and it is the most respectable one in town. It's the most profitable one too no less, which “in an industry saturated with chauvinistic pricks” can cause a lot of hatred.
She convinced her heart she didn't need love or a man, especially, to be genuinely happy.  She was over that shit. Gone. Poof. Left behind for some other poor soul to gobble up. She was categorized as a “certified, hard-nosed bitch”, but like I said you can push your pain, hurt, and sorrow down and all it takes is one look into the eyes of the beholder of your pain that brings everything to the fore front.  Ang has to decide if she is truly over her first and only love who has spontaneously after 5 years popped back into her life or if is she is ready to invest in a new opportunity for love that has been trying forever to get her to want him or at least be interested in him.
Dean is one sexy Mofo. He is hot! All the girls want him and most of them at the club have probably had him. You know the stereo typical love ‘em and leave 'em and never get close to a REAL relationship. “This guy might have snared the title of first runner up for the throne of prickish and dickish”, or is that all it is gossip?  Dean had been coming on to Ang for 2 years and one night he finally decides to make his move. He is fine as hell and so she decides WTH why not?  I could use some “good loving, body rocking, knocking boots all night long….Ooh my bad, lol that song just popped in my head and it describes what she needs to a T.  So anyways, as they make it back to her place…Oh Snap!! Ang has a houseguest. Ahem…her Ex..Say What….but Dean doesn’t run he decides to see what this is all about.  You see Dean has also been broken and had his heart shattered into a million pieces.  It seems cupid keeps missing and these two have suffered more from love than benefited from it.  Even though they are wildly attracted to each other and it feels so right, with all the other drama in each of their lives is it even worth exploring? While Angela and Dean fight the love they so desperately want, they are holding onto their pasts.  Will they be able to be happy whether it be together or apart?
Find out just like I just did y'all! Go get that shit….  I give this 4.5 BadAssDirty-fix your broken heart stars!!!!

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