Monday, August 5, 2013

Seize Me by Crystal Spears

Review by Kimmi
Well that sure wasn't what the hell I thought I was going to get!!!!! By the time I was half way through chapter 3 I had stopped  reading mid sentence and just stared at my kindle and said "fuuuuuuck." five times....... before chapter 4!!!!!
I can't believe these words are about to be typed across my keyboard because if you know me you know Madeline Sheehan's Undeniable is MY ALL TIME FAV, but here they are: I'll be damned if this MC book, story doesn't rival Undeniable!!!!!! And that is saying something people!!!!! This story is non stop, action packed, holy shit I can't believe the author went there!, kindle gripping, no sleep having, and never put it down once freaking awesome!!!!!!

First of all lets chat about the main characters, Winter and Braxxon. We meet Winter first while she is trying to figure a way out of doing a job her BFF really wants and needs her help to do.  Winter and Lana, or Star and Hazel, their stage names, are wanted to be the main entertainment at Pyro's motorcycle club Breakneck for the MC president's Birthday celebration. But Winter is hesitant to agree to this side 'job' because she knows that this MC club is too damn close to the life she ran away from, the life of a mafia princess.
I love Winter's character! Holy moly she kicks ass! She is the coolest, most bad ass female character I've ever read! Seriously, this bitch takes a lickin and keeps on ticking! She goes through more shit in two months than any other character has in an entire damn series!!!! She falls down over and over, and as the reader you can only just sit back and watch the carnage as it unfolds.  Every damn gritty, reader wincing, and "Are you effing kidding me!" moment.
Braxxon, I mean Adonis!!! Shiiiat! Can he be any closer to pure unadulterated sex?!?! And damn it if he doesn't have one of my favorite attributes, a mouth with the devil's tongue that spews dirty, dirty delicious words.
This prez of Breakneck, is so complex and deep of a character that by the time I finally got to get inside his head I didn't know if I wanted to kick him in the throat or ride him seven ways to Sunday!!! And then, *sighs* then I got to get inside of his head. I was done, finished, stick a fork in me, hell Braxxon stick something in me ;p  Because I just fell ass over teakettle for you baby!!!!

When you have character's this multi faceted, a kick ass storyline, and bat shit crazy, awesome literal bombs being dropped left and right by an author that drop kicks you on your ass and leaves you on the ground begging for more, you have the recipe to Seize Me, and I'll do anything I can to stay seized. 
Seize Me gets 5-wtfh? I didn't expect it to be this freaking Awesomesauce!!!!- Kimmi stars★★★★★


  1. Cracking me up with your Kimmi stars! And the damn pics! Those and the review always makes me want to go get it and read it!