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LipSmackin' GoodBooks joins The Novel Tease on their Blog Tour for The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz: LipSmackin' has a Review of The Mistress by Kimmi, and a Q&A with Tiffany Reisz

Review by Kimmi:
Holy priests, vestments, and clerical collars can I get a hell yeah!?!? No, uh huh, LOUDER! Can I get a "HELL YEAH"?!?! Shit, thank you, FINALLY! No, no, not finally you gave me a loud enough "hell yeah" although, thank you ;) However, finally, thank the Lord above I was blessed with the opportunity to not only read and get the answers we were all left high and dry...... err, ok, lmao, not so dry ;) but I was blessed by the author and Netgalley to read the Holy Grail of ARC's and seriously? NO...... FUCKIN' SERIOUSLY!?!?! Dear lord baby Jesus, Tiffany you didn't just bring it did you? You brought that shit and FUCKIN' NAILED IT! Knocked it out of the damn park,  made that Hail Mary pass and with just enough time on the clock to recover the on side kick and return it for 6! 
Sheesus and hell's bells, ok, now for a Kimmi confession, I started The Siren about 18 times, then stopped to read other books, books that snatched my attention quicker, yet always left me wanting and needing, aching, almost dying for more, but I did keep going back to The Siren, the reviews were so good it was redic! Yet I just couldn't get it, until that miraculous day came, and I more than got what Ms. Riesz was giving me, I bought that shit in stock, barrels and boat loads kinda stock, I then commenced on a mad Amazon 'buy now w/ 1 click' frenzy until, BAM!

My Nora had been swiped and yes as dumb or as I like to refer to myself as an 'avid story listener' as I was I had absolutely no damn clue who, fucking what, and shit! HOW!?!?
Alright, now before I start spilling the entire Original Sinners series secrets, The Mistress secrets included! I would like to step back from my little rant that was fast approaching, and take a breath before this next rant ;)......Can we just take a moment to high light the fact that we finally, finally blessedly get the chance to read the utterly erotic moment Nora is with Kingsley and Soren for the first time and holy mother of God! YES! YES! YES! It is everything, EVERYTHING, son of a bitch IT WAS EVERYTHING I ever dreamed it would be. Fucking hell it doesn't get any damn hotter than that. It just doesn't. Even if the magical and sensual moment is told in the dark and desolate solitude, it is told dammit, and it was the most epically erotic scene I have read to date.
                Kingsley Edge
And our Nora, she is as she always has been and will always remain.... our Nora, perfectly captured and easily visible with this quote alone "Don't try to mindfuck a mindfucker."

And now for Kimmi's montage of Mistress quotes......."You go another step passed me and you will never see me again." her voice low and menacing. "If you dare interfere with Wes's chance at happiness, even a few more minutes of it, I will run so fast and so far from you even God and all his angels won't be able to hunt me down. You and I have been playing this game by our own rules for almost twenty fucking years now and it's way too late for you to be pulling this vanilla bullshit on any of us right now. We know who you are. We know what you do. Every single one if us in this room has the bruises to prove it. So unless you want to lose me and lose me for good this time you will sit your ass down and eat your goddamn breakfast and you will leave Wes and Laila alone. Otherwise I will disappear from this life and the next life. I will make sure I die first and whether I am in heaven or in hell I will bar the gates behind me so you can't even touch me in the afterlife. Say 'Yes, Mistress' if you understand."
"Say it. Say it if you ever want to see me again."
"Yes, Mistress," he finally said. And Nora nearly sagged with relief. But she did not relax, not yet.
"Good boy. Oh and one more thing."
Nora slapped Soren so hard across the face that he gasped from the pain of it. Soren looked at her in pure unadulterated shock.
"I have wanted to do that for nineteen years, you pretentious, overbearing, self important hypocrite. You made me water a god damn stick for six fucking months!"

Did you like that? Oh yes, I know you did you devious fellow smut whores ;) And to think that my loves, is but a taste of this double fudge coated caramel cheese cake..... Just wait until you get the full Monty, the whole fucking cake and it's icing, to be yours and yours alone....to devour, or to savor, go at it like the sadist our beloved Soren is, bite by bite, slowly and tortuously. However and whatever way you choose, it will be everything you wanted it too be and as delicious as you ever imagined possible ;)
Straight the fucking hell up 5-Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I you Soren-Kimmi stars ;)
And for the love of God! If you haven't started this series STOP EVERYTHING NOW! You get your ass to Amazon and you 1-click EVERY damn book and don't come back to me until you've finished, then..... come sit next to me and let's gab like school girls about The Original Sinners Series ;)

And here is Kimmi and Tiffany's Q&A:

Hey Tiffany :) Thank you SO damn much for letting LipSmackin' Goodbooks be apart of The Mistress Blog Tour! I feel like I just snagged winning tickets to the best effin boyband backstage VIP concert,  where you are the boy band and I am the tweenie bopper screaming like a, well a tweenie bopper, lmao. I just have 5 quick questions, and I hope y'all have a fabulous time on vacay! Alrighty then mami, here they are:   1) Where did the idea for The Original Sinners come from? And how long did it take to go from a formula to the beginning of a script? 
-The idea for The Siren came from my crush on actor Jason Isaacs. He said in an interview he wanted to play a character like himself—neurotic, Jewish, overeducated, etc. So I created Zach Easton. He needed a really good foil. Zach’s so type A and serious that I had to give him a wild-child. Nora Sutherlin, full-time writer, part-time Dominatrix, was born. A good friend of mine had worked at a small publishing house and told me of a situation where an editor had to work with an author he loathed because the original editor quit after they’d acquired the author. That’s how I figured I’d put Zach and Nora together. He’s a serious stuffy literary fiction editor. She’s the money-making smut writer who he’s forced to edit. I wanted Nora to show Zach her world so I created the kinky Underground of Kingsley Edge’s Empire and populated it with people I wanted to believe exist.      
2) Were your Nora, Soren, Kingsley, Wesley characters already in your mind, being created by actors/actresses/models or did these character's start off as blank canvases that developed as the story developed?
-They were all creations of pure imagination (other than Zach who was based on Jason Isaacs). I splintered my soul and gave each Sinner a shard. Kingsley has my cynicism. Søren has my faith. Nora has my humor. Wes and I are both Kentucky kids who feel equally intimated by New Yorker types.    
3) If you could rewrite or add anything to any of the previous books or The Mistress what would it be and why?
-I wish I could have had more time to revise The Angel. I loved writing Michael and Griffin so much that it would have been nice to give them some more pages together.    
4) Where do, if ever, you see Nora's story going or ending in her HEA?
-The Mistress is the end of the Original Sinners chronology. I can see far into their future and all their adventures to come but I won’t write about them. What I’m writing now are the prequel books. You get to see young Nora meet and fall in love with Søren. You’ll get to read Kingsley building his Empire. You’ll see Eleanor the submissive become Nora the Dominatrix under Kingsley’s tutelage. And if everyone is very VERY good, you’ll see what happens to Michael and Griffin once they’re lives really start together.  
5) Do the BDSM topics you cover in The Original Sinners Series come from personal experience, or was it a studied and researched effort on your part to give the books credibility and true facts? 
-Both! None of us who are kinky have done all of what the BDSM world has to offer. Even a female switch like me has to research what it’s like for a male masochist like Michael. So I take my own experiences to color my view of kink (I’m kink-positive) and the rest is research.  

Tiffany, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions, I have been a huge fan of yours since I got my greedy hands on The Siren, and to actually get the chance to ask you these questions and the awesome opportunity to receive an ARC from Netgalley, I do not even have the words do describe how grateful I am, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And we cannot freaking wait for The Priest! *squeals like a school girl*  
> Pssst: btw, when is that release date girl ;)
April 2014 for The Priest. That might change but that’s the tentative date!
Again Tiffany, Thank you! ~Kimmi

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