Monday, July 29, 2013

Escape From Paradise by Gwendolyn Field

Review by Kimmi
Wow. Wow, WOW! Hang on, ok? Just give me a minute, I can come up with more words I swear. Just, dammit just hang on.......................

Wow.  I know I keep saying that, it's just, freaking hell, this book was, WOW!!! I've read a lot of sex slave books, honestly they are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. However I gotta say that this one stands out, WAY OUT, this one isn't even in the same class as the other books on this subject. It's in a whole different school. Ok, so....... you know the sex slave book formula, right? An alpha male that we love to hate. When we love him, we swoon *sighs*. Nobody will ever understand him. And when we hate him, we swear we are DONE, we'll never love him again, and he isn't EVER going to be able to redeem himself. The female lead characters in this formula make us go from green with envy to screaming "Run bitch, and don't look back!" 

Ok, know what I was expecting when I started this story, now is when I tell you this book isn't that story, hahaha...... not by a long shot.
This is my first time reading one of Gwendolyn Field's books, and it will NOT be my last! Readers I have 5 words for you: this woman can FREAKING write!
Gwendolyn doesn't follow the formula we have all come to expect from sex slave books, the recipe? Nope she scratched it. Hell Gwendolyn doesn't even use a pattern to stitch this story together, it's handmade, and I freaking loved it! Gwenie, baby! Where have you been hiding at girl!?! Ya know what,  Nevermind, doesn't matter. I gotcha now, lol. And as soon as this review is up I'm going to Amazon and I'm going to go -buy now w/ 1 click- crazy on anything of yours I can!
Since I have screamed from my soap box about how uncharted this stories territories are, now I have to tell you......yes, of course this story is dark, of course you have to go through the depths of hell with the lead character, Angela. And yes, you are going to wince, you are going to want to look away, and you will struggle through the uncomfortable journey that Angela is dragged through on her way into the world of sex slavery. This is a story about a young woman who has always done the right thing, all American, blonde, daughter of awesome and supportive, and maybe a bit over protective parents. It's the summer before her sophomore year in college, and when she tells her parents her vacay plans for some fun in the Cancun sun they shut it down quickly. Not wanting to be left out her and her friend's come up with a small little lie about  how plans changed to going camping. As soon as they land, Angela's guilt starts to dig in, and this guilt makes her keep her nose clean and behave, at least until the last night. Angela finally let's loose, still not drinking through, but dancing with her friends and this HOT Cancun dream man. Until he gets her cornered and this dream guy turns into the nightmare that changes her life forever, and she goes from living a happy, privileged life to living in complete and utter Hell where she has no say over anything, her body, what and when she eats, they even she sadly learns can make her bowel decisions.  With each passing day Angela loses more of her hope, more of herself, until all that remains is the shell of a once vibrant young woman with the world at her finger tips. Now it's been a year since she has even felt the sun on her skin.


We meet Colin's damn fine ass when he is on top of the world. Ladies love him, all the booze, drugs, and well anything. All he had to do is want it, and it was his. Cocky as hell, and so damn sure of himself that he has never stopped to ask the question "What if." With in 30 minutes of meeting Colin he doesn't just ask that question, that question breaks and shatters his world around him. After a knock on the door, some men, authorities come in and snatch Colin's life out from under him. His parents have been murdered, his little brother kidnapped. From what they can tell, it looks like his brother was kidnapped by some thugs with ties to an under ground sex slave ring. With Colin's brother, being his only family left alive, he has no other choice. With his lifes path remapped, Colin's now on a war path, and his battle to bring his brother back home from hell has begun.


How long will he have to search, and how much time is too much time around evil, until the evil slips under your skin and slithers it's way into your mind and stains your soul? Can the lines between right and wrong stay seen, or does it blur, when black and white meet in the middle and all you can really see is gray on either side, can the insanity be kept locked down and pushed away?
After seven years of searching, Colin finally finds his brother Graham, he doesn't even recognize him. And Graham is so drugged out, eyes devoid of any life, much less any recognition that Colin is his brother. Colin knows as hard as he tried, and as deep into hell as he went to save his brother, none of it matters, he's too late, to much time has been lost, to much of his brother has been stolen away.
Once the authorities hear Colin's statement and learn all of the details of Colin's contacts and investigation they, ah hem, request his assistance. And Colin sees no reason why not to go back into the belly of the beast known as the world of sex slavery.
Fate steps in again and changes the course of Colin's and Angela's future. With Angela's time running out, and Colin running into road blocks left and right, will he be too late again.
When his eyes meet Angela's for the first time he feels a shock jolting him to life, it rocks him to his core and his only concern is to save Angela from this hell, his second concern, a bit darker is his need to own her..... mind, body and soul. Can Colin save Angela in time, hell can Colin save Angela from himself. Or have they both spent so much time in this fucked up way of life to ever feel normal or sane again?
I gotta give it up to you Gwendolyn, girl you rocked my world, kicked my ass, and left me begging for more.
So here's to you Escape from Paradise 5-barred and enslaved-Kimmi Stars ★★★★★

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