Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unbreakable by Rebecca Shea

Review by Kimmi
I loved this story, I loved the characters in this story, but most of all I loved the way the author told me this story. I loved every single happy, sad, scary, devastating, painful, and rewarding moment in this story. This story is about happiness and contentment being ripped and stolen away from you, and the strength it takes to learn to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and run before you can fly.
Jessica is a wonderful lead character, she is strong, smart, and easy to love. Jessica is raised by a pseudo surrogate family that lives across the street, the Garcia's. After her mother passed away when Jessica was four, her Dad's inability to raise his daughter alone goes unnoticed at first. He dives head first into his job pushing and moving his way up the ladder until he is Fire Chief. With Jess's dad always gone, the Garcia's take her in with out hesitation.  Ava Garcia is like the sister Jess never had, and Ava's older brother has always been the one that holds Jess's heart.
Gabe isn't sure when it happened, he just knows he can't hold back his feelings for the beautiful girl that has lived across the street and been apart of his family since forever. He has always loved Jessica, but this isn't a brotherly love anymore. Now he catches himself watching her, wondering if her lips taste as good as they look. After trying to staunch the these new feelings for a year, and with his next semester of school coming up, he knows it's time to make some life changes. He's made them in his mind and heart, but now it's time to let Jessica and his family know he has a change in plans, and every reason behind those changed plans is Jessica. All he needs to know is if she feels the same way.
Gabe and Jessica come together like they are made for one another. Their love is so easy, its so perfect it's unbelievable. They fall into a routine, a routine that both have wanted for a while, not sister and brother, but a routine made for lovers and it has them ingrained so deeply into each other's lives, that they become an extension of each other. They become inseparable, sharing a fairytale love that is an all consuming, whole hearted love that never holds back.
However, when the unthinkable happens and the Unbreakable break, how can you fix the shattered pieces, when even all the pieces don't remain.
Yes, Gabe was made for Jessica, as was Jessica made for Gabe. But with Jessica lost, and unable to find the girl she used to be how can Gabe hold onto her when all she wants is to run the hell away.
Like I said, I absolutely LOVED this story, I swear to you, I read this book QUICK, like half a day quick, kids feed yourselves, leave the house in the ruins of your wake you dirty little monkeys, but whatever you do, leave momma the hell alone, lol. I couldn't put it down! This is definitely THIS SUMMER'S MUST READ!!!!!
Unbreakable gets 5-the road road to happiness is long and tiring, but the journey is enlightening- Kimmi stars

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  1. Yep! Couldn't agree with you more! Read it, LOVED IT! And I swear, you are the character/picture matchmaker! No seriously. YOU Are!
    I hart GABE so hard in this book! Rebecca Shea, you've done a fantastical job! Gimme some more. Get book 2 done!!!!