Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lick Stage Dive#1 by Kylie Scott

Review by Kimmi

That was a really cool story, I had fun a lot of fun reading it. The plot of Lick isn't like any other I've read before. It was very original and refreshing. Evelyn wakes up in a bathroom stall next to a guy that looks familiar and like a rock star god. She however has a splitting headache, cotton mouth from hell, and then she realizes, shit she should have stopped WAY before the tequila shots..... Once the hottie next to her wakes up she looks over at him and he is looking at her like she hung the moon, his eyes are full of live and adoration.
He helps her up and tries to keep the smile off his face while getting her cleaned up. But when she notices the freaking rock on her left ring finger all her coolness and calm goes out the window. And when she asks hottie, he is confused, he is confused that she is confused. "You have got to be fucking kidding me." He says. "You seriously don't know?" His happy, smirking face is now gone, and is replaced with a pissed off scowl. She knows she need to get the hell out of dodge, like NOW. Ev and David, her *coughs* husband, get into a knock down drag out with him storming off with the promise of a quick and speedy annulment. What was supposed to be an awesome Birthday trip in Vegas has turned into a living hell that has her married, and with David's name tattooed across her ass.
And on top of all of that once she and her best friend Lauren land back home in Portland, the paparazzi descends onto her and the relentless questions and camera flashes are enough to bring her perfect organized life down around her. Turns out returning home wasn't going to make this trip debacle disappear, because David you know, her husband, the one that looks like a rock star god? Yeah he really is a freaking rock star god! Like, his name in the press is the son of Rock-n-Roll!!!!! She snagged a fucking Rock God!!! And now all she wants is to unsnag him! The paparazzi is making her and her parents life a living hell, so when David calls and tells her to come down to LA, he can keep the paparazzi at bay while getting the annulment paperwork drawn up and putting an end to this crazy bullshit facade of a marriage.
However the more time Evelyn spends around David the more she gets to know him, she starts to wonder, maybe her drunk as shit mind wasn't so dumb, maybe it actually was on to something. And the chemistry between them is so damn electric she can barely hold her self together around him.......
Is it wrong to fall in live with your husband? Is it wrong that now she knows him, being with him feels so right?

See! That's cool shit isn't it? Normally while reading a book you want wedding bells, cause as soon as you get wedding bells it's HEA, right? This whole idea is flipped on its ass because when we meet Evelyn and David they're already married, what it all boils down to is can they stay married? Can Evelyn put up with David's life style? And is David willing to give up things he has never given up before. With the knot already tied can that make this thing work, for better or worse? Or is the knot they tied the noose that will choke the life out of each others hearts.....
LipSmackin' GoodBooks gives Lick 4-I woke up married to a Rock God- Kimmi Stars ****

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