Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lessons for Steve by Mark Davis

Lessons for Steve Book description:
His friends have left Steve alone at their holiday camp. He decides to visit the local craft market and discovers the mysterious Katelyn displaying her vast array of leather products. The sexy leather clad woman notices his interest in her products and invites him to help her pack her wares away after the market closes. He’s surprised and intrigued when she invites him back to her country house.
He soon discovers she has a rather kinky side and has some hands on demonstrations planned for him. His lessons begin. The next day Steve is anxious to continue but Katelyn has a busy day planned, but assures him they’ll see each other again before his holiday ends.
A forgotten phone gives him the excuse to call Katelyn and a further meeting is planned for the next day. Steve's friends arrive back and the only other single in their group Lucy surprises him with a gift. Her thinking of him touches him and they arrange to meet later that day however, Lucy gets a call that changes her plans.
A disappointed Steve enjoys the rest of the day with his other friends then goes off to bed early; his head full his forthcoming meeting with Katelyn.
What happens when he visits her to retrieve his phone will change his life forever.
Review by Kimmi:
What you are about to witness is a documented historical event, that will never be witnessed again. In an effort to shake this review up, and get a few laughs, Kimmi is about to free style, open mic kick it, and spit out some lyrics........ Mr. Mark Davis, this ones for you babe:
I must mention now I am sorry for what I am about to say
And if you will please....keep a few things in mind either way
Though I have a mouth that contains the devils dirty tongue
My heart is always in the right place or at least somewhere among......
Few have called me angel, less have called me more
But in the end it all boils down to my slutty inner whore ;)
*And she begins her review with said dirty mouth*
~Holy motherfucking shit! I was a bit apprehensive over this read, because..Well shit! Look at the cover..... We all know where this is going *laughs* and as a girl without a Dom bone in her body, as a sub through and through, I was nervous that I wouldn't find it as arousing as Erotic Midnight Musings.... Ha! Ha! Ba-fucking-ha! That joke was on me! Well played Mark Davis, well played. Holy mother of God! Jesus, Mary and Joseph (<- see.. I do have angel tendencies ;p) That was, shit that was fucking hot! I absolutely loved it! I loved, LOVED the tender, sweet Steve, wanted to eat him up and swallow him whole. And Katelyn? Well she was just a freaking badass, I fell head over heels with her character. Lessons for Steve was such a sensual and sex thrumming read, these damn 33 pages will leave you soaking wet! And drenched in sweat..........of course ;)
Lessons for Steve easily gains 5-Hot as Hell Novella-Kimmi Stars! *****


  1. Kimmi has a poetic side! *bows down and applauds*
    Sexiest review eva! You angel with the devils tongue!
    And my finger wants to go to the one click at Amazon. Again. *Sigh*

  2. Absolutely, Love this review, Say it out Loud... I read it the first time at the airport and giggling, I liked so much I came back to read it again
    thank you - I thoroughly enjoyed "Lessons for Steve" but couldn't have said so better than this. :-) Ciao Bella


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