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Blog Tour for Block 24 by Evan Tyler Stops by LipSmackin' GoodBooks for a Paaartay!!!!!

Block 24 by Evan Tyler
The Blog Tour and LipSmackin' GoodBooks are partying it up tonight! I hope y'all are ready for a FUN TIME!!! We have some awesome stuff from a Rafflecopter giveaway, a book blurb, You Tube vid links to Block 24's Blog Tour Interviews and other cool information on Block 24 and Evan Tyler!
Blurb 1 from Block 24:
Philip lay back on the bed, resettling the pillow behind his head and crossing his feet at the end of the bed.  Natalie stared at his toes.  “You know,” he said, “my mother went a little crazy when she found out I wasn't a virgin anymore. She sent me to a priest.” He chuckled. “I was nineteen. ”
Natalie gasped. “What, is she insane? Or just a slut-shamer?”
Philip climbed up to her end of the bed, lying on his side in front of her, his face a kiss away from hers.  “Neither. She raised me with a lot of faith values. Church every Sunday. Sacraments. Catholic school. All of it.”  He looked at her carefully, sliding a stray eyelash from beneath her eye and staring at it on his index finger. “My dad and mom left their countries to practice their faith freely. It’s a big deal to them.”
Natalie dropped her eyes. “What about their kids? They can’t expect you guys to be who they are. Or believe what they believe.”
“They do. I'm still a Catholic, baby.” He laughed. “A pretty fucked up one, but still. And all three of my sisters are still virgins.”
She looked back up. “How do you know that?”
“Male intuition.”
She shook her head.  “So, what about me? Could you tell I was a whore when you first met me?”
Philip gave a short laugh, shaking his head, rolling his eyes, ultimately dismissing the question. “My mother and father were both virgins when they married. Kinda wild, when I think about it.”
Natalie humphed  “Not wild. The exact opposite of wild, really. And while I’m sure that your parents' so-called purity really impresses you, I hate to break it to you—they're not virgins anymore.”
“What gave that away?” He smiled.
Natalie wanted with all her indignant heart to wilt that smile. “I’m sure they enjoy their sex life. Sure your dad gets some even more than you do. Sure your mom's a super freak.  It aint a crime, Philip.”
“She’s married, Nat.”
“And you’re not,” she said, mocking his stillness with her syrupy, school-teacher voice.  “You’re not them. We're not your fucking parents.  We’ve got no reason to feel bad. You've got absolutely no reason to feel guilty.”  She went suddenly into crude mode, her voice gruff and loud.  “You’re Philip Fucking Gise.  The original PG.”
He looked down, his eyelashes casting a shadow right below his eyes. “Well, we both could afford to be a little more G-rated, Nat.  Come on,  baby, let’s get up.”
She reached for his wrist before he could slide off the bed. “If I'm such a whore, why are you with me? Why do you fuck with me? Better yet, why do you fuck me? There are enough girls like Julia in the world. You could go find one.”
He looked at her, solemn. “We're not gonna have this talk, Natalie.” He stood up. “It's getting late.

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