Friday, July 26, 2013

LipSmackin' GoodBooks has the Hot New Author to Watch For Timothy Neilson, he stopped by to share his FREE Series A Woman's Pleasure

A Woman's Pleasure Series by Timothy Neilson
This Series isn't just a story you read, It is an experience unlike any you've ever had.
Timothy Neilson's Series: A Woman's Pleasure
This series, "A Woman's Pleasure" is part of a collection of over 60 stories, written with the needs of women in mind. Whether you are single, busy, unattached, the partner in a sexless marriage or just extremely lonely, there is some pleasure to be had in these stories. Perhaps you just want to discover more about your own sexuality or you want to have some extra marital fun without acting on that urge in reality.
A sex toy or vibrator is not essential, but the feedback from women is that they simply enjoy the extra stimulation.
The story (cyber) is written in the second person so the reader, you, can morph into the role of the woman in the story. When you read the words "you," feel the words, and you should be able to fit into that role and enjoy yourself.
Best results can be obtained by reading the words and interpreting them as if the author is typing each paragraph directly to you, and you are waiting in anticipation for the next paragraph to appear.
The author has been overwhelmed with positive feedback from women and is delighted to provide this source of enjoyment/entertainment to all women who choose to relax, let loose and as a consequence, enjoy some intimate personal experiences.

A brief Bio on Timothy Neilson:
Hi! I have been writing on an intimate and informal basis for a few years now. I got interested in erotica by accident, and have found it to be amazing. The power that words can have over the body and mind is astounding, and I believe it to be the best media around, even better than voice and vision.
You might say I have a little time on my hands now since my retirement, which only piqued my writing passion, as well.
I am an Aussie and proud of it, and feel free to contact me:

Here are Timothy's Links, make sure to follow them and keep up to date info on his upcoming releases:

Alright *rubs hands together* Who is ready for the links to pick up your FREE pleasure experience? Ok Ladies, here you go:
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Book 1: Apart
Book 2: Make up Sex
Book 3: A Friend with Benefits

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