Monday, July 1, 2013

Erotic Midnight Musings Vol 1: Domination by Mark Davis

Review by Kimmi
Holy Shit! I knew it was going to be hot, but damn! That shit was hotter than hot, it was on freaking fire! If this collection of erotic poems had a soundtrack it would be the song that SCREAMED in my head while reading, then re reading each poem....... Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon:
I have been in love with poetry since my 6th grade teacher introduced me to Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. Afterward during my school years I devoured every one of Edgar Allan Poe's works, Dickinson, Bronte, Wilde, if it was dark or beautiful, I wanted it, wanted to read it, grasp and understand it, memorize it. Even though my love for poetry was fierce....strong, it, like algebra, civics, and art, faded once I became an adult, and things like imagination and beautiful poetry seemed child-like, an unrealistic fantasy the adults enchanted our young minds with. And sadly I hadn't read a poem since college, until recently..... I caught whisperings here and there in the social media world of a poet, an erotic poet..... You can take a gander at my other reviews, my book choices, and if you do you'll see why once I heard the whisperings, I wanted to know more..... Who? When? And how can I get my hands on it! And ohhhh, holy hell!  I waited so patiently, lmao, I was a good girl (did I search and try to find snippets of what was to come, hell freaking yes I did, and dammit I found it! On this authors blog site!) I was kept content, but still very eagerly anticipating this poets book release. And DAMN! He did not disappoint! Whoa! Open the sinful gates to my deepest and sexiest desire! This authors spin on poetry brought me to my damn knees! I can't even find the words to truly express how profoundly erotic and mesmerizing his words, verses, and stanzas are...... And when Kimmi is left speechless, that's fuckin' saying something, so to compensate, I will give Erotic Midnight Musings the only word in my word bank after Mark Davis's words left me a blubbering idiot: Mind Blowing!!! I absolutely loved every poem, every page of this book. It isn't like the other 500 books and novels stored on my kindle. I will look back over it time and time again, re reading it slower, let it seep further in, just as I did with Annabel Lee.
Erotic Midnight Musings sensual and aphrodisiacal motif leaves its readers hungry, yet satisfied, needy but still wanting more. This anthology makes the Dom rear his head and step forward, and the subs kneel like good little girls.
I hope y'all are ready for Mark Davis, he is the epitome of today's Poe, except the Dom version.....
Erotic Midnight Musings grabs up 5-panty soaking poem- Kimmi Stars

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  1. He is my favorite erotic poet...he oozes talent...and sex appeal....ty Lipsmackinggood books