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Beautiful Disaster: Interview by Kimmi with author Francette Phal

Beautiful Disaster's Book Interview with
Francette Phal by Kimmi: 
1) When did the first seeds of Beautiful Disaster get planted, or when did you think "Dammit
I'm gonna make this a book!"
-The early version of Beautiful Disaster began as a fan fiction. But then I started envisioning my own characters and I reworked the story so that it applied more to Ellie and Nicholas.
2) Did Beautiful Disaster's story come to you all at once or was it a post it builder,(meaning
spurts of ideas you pieced together)
-It was definitely a slow progress, but once I realized I wanted to write about this morally bankrupt guy and the girl who tries to save him, it was easier for me.
3) Did you know before your book was published that another Beautiful Disaster had been recently released, and did this make you question your Beautiful Disaster's title?
-I honestly didn’t know about the other Beautiful Disaster book. It wasn’t until I published that I discovered Jaime McGuire’s novel. I chose to name my book Beautiful Disaster because despite the chaos in their lives, Nicholas and Ellie manage to find this beautiful, delicate and profound love. 
4 ) What, or who inspired your main characters Ellie & Nicholas? 
-Nicholas was a little bit of Sebastian from Cruel Intentions, but with much deeper issues.
5)  Is there anything you feel that you left out or wanted to elaborate on, but didn't get a chance to in Beautiful Disaster? 
-Yeah, I wanted to write the scene where Nicholas actually gets on his bike in the final chapter and tries to go after Ellie. I would definitely add that little bit in, its more on his perspective.
6) How, in the hell, did you make your 18 yo male lead character the epitome of my book boyfriend dreams?!?!?! You do know I felt like a Mary Kay Letourneau right? Lusting over a 18 yo hot boy at 30! Lmao
-Lol. He was in my dreams a bit too while I was writing this. I love male characters who are sure of what they want and go after it regardless of the obstacles. Nicholas is the epitome of that. He’s ruthless when he needs to be but he can humble himself in front of this one woman who becomes his entire world.
7) Is there a message you want your readers to take away or learn from Beautiful Disaster?
-Nothing in this world worth having comes easy and that includes love. 
8) If I told you, and this is the total truth, that when Beautiful Disaster's sequel Redemption (it came out like a week early? Landed in my Kindle on Christmas Eve? On Christmas? I don't remember, however I do remember that THAT made my Christmas, like.....little girl waking up at 2am and shaking presents and looking for Santa's footprints kind of made my Christmas, how does that make you feel?
-I am so honored and speechless that my writing can bring you that much happiness. I’ve never really thought that what I write could affect someone. It’s a lot to take in but such an inspiration to me because it drives me to write more, to hone my craft so that I can deliver better stories.

Fran, I gotta tell ya it was a dream come true to get the chance to interview you on Beautiful Disaster, it truly was girl! I fell ass over teakettle in love with both your writing style and the way to tell a story. I love that you didn't hold back in this story. You let the ugly be as it was, cringe worthy, and bitter to take. However that made the sweet..... even more sweet and treasured. Thank You so, so, so much for your time to answer my questions. I'm about 40% through Undone, and can I say I have fallen apart half a dozen times! And if someone doesn't off this asshole, I'm gonna come UNDONE and do it myself ;P Muah! Kimmi

Thank you so much for this Kimmi!

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