Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Author of the new release Undone, Francette Phal visits Kimmi at LipSmackin' for an Author Interview

Author Interview with Francette Phal by Kimmi
Hey Francette! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions today girl :)
We'll start off with the basic intro questions, and then I'm gonna needle you for the good stuff ;) Sound Good? lol, Just kidding!  
1) Give me a brief biography on yourself and tell me where the idea came from to create your unique and awesome books.
-Beautiful Disaster was a little bit of Cruel Intentions but with a twist. I wanted to write about a teenage mother who went through a lot in her young life but was determined to turn things around for not only her daughter but for herself as well.
2) What do you have in the works for us right now?
-Two books. One is a paranormal romance and the other one is another teen romance.
3) Can you name any authors that influenced you to become a writer or influenced your writing style?
-Maya Banks, J.R. Ward (absolutely love her work!”) Kresley Cole and Christine Feehan. 
4) While writing do you set yourself an allotted amount of time per day, or do you just follow the voices in your head?
-A little bit of both. While I was writing BD I just waited for my muse to smack me with inspiration. But now it’s me brainstorming and then setting up a time to write with a goal of at least 4,000 words per day.
5) Do your characters have a face before you begin writing them? Are they ever based on an actor/actress? Or do your characters begin as a blank canvas that becomes more clear and develop physically while you are writing?
-Sometimes I’ll use certain features from actors or actresses but mostly the characters are just blank canvas that I fill in while writing.
6) What is your most favorite and least favorite aspect of writing a book?
-My least favorite thing about writing would have to be the sex scenes! Sometimes I think romance writers are the most perverted people. Lol. It’s really interesting how many words for the male/female anatomy there are out there. My favorite part of writing would have be building chemistry between the two main characters.
7) If you could have any one of your characters be nonfictional and a part of your day to day life, who would you chose and why?
-It would have to be Sophie (Ellie’s daughter) especially now that she’s older, there’s a lot of me in her.
8) If you could give the new authors that are about to release their debut novel your shiniest pearl of wisdom, what would it be?
-Don’t take things too seriously, especially reviews because not everyone is going to love your story.
Thanks Love! It was a blast! Congrats of Undone too btw! I'm fixing to wrap this interview thing up so I can go submerge myself back into Undone and not come out until I have devoured and savored every last one of your words! lol :)
Muah! ~Kimmi
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