Friday, June 7, 2013

Mercy by Annabel Joseph

Review by Kimmi

I'm exactly like all of you other's out there with inner smut whores or kinky bitches buried below the surface of our "I'm a good mommy, and of course I love vanilla sex, I'm a mommy" facades. Yeah, sure, tell your inner slut or kinky bitch that while you read "Fifty Shades of Grey", "Bared to You", or "This Man Trilogy" I'm sure she'll be listening, no, I'm totally effing with you, she won't hear a word you say. Lmao. 
However, KUDOS to us! Pat yourself on the back! Even though we've carried and delivered three 8 pound kids, and  we don't have the hard youthful body we did in high school, dammit we can still get flushed, feel sexy, and get goosebumps, and I don't know about you, but I fuckin love it! 
Now, let me get my scattered ass brain back on track here.
Mercy was not merciful at all! Mercy was hands down the most utterly erotic story I've ever read. If Fifty is a 10, then Mercy is a fucking 15! Mercy is unlike every "similar to Fifty" book I've read. It's so much more, the characters are so much more, the story is so much more. And the sex, holy motherfucking shit! I mean it! Holy mother fucking shit! When Matthew wasn't in her body, he was in her head, fucking her, confusing her, making her feel shame, only to feel ashamed because she felt shame. He turned her mind, her body, and her soul inside out, upside down, until she was stark raving mad, crazy to the point of insanity. This shit was so damn hot, I am seriously surprised my kindle  made it through the heat! Get ready ladies, and for the love of God don't read this in public, do everyone a favor, read it at home, with about 3 dozen pair of back up panties. Trust me. I'd never steer you wrong......

Lucy has been a dancer since before she can remember, she is at the top of her career now. However with the big 30 and the end of her dancing looming ahead of her she begins to push herself harder than every other dancer, vowing to herself to stay on top!

When the insanely handsome business developer Matthew sets his sites on Lucy after he's studied the portraits he purchased of her naked and submissive, he drops an enormous donation to the company she dances for and the theater that holds their gala's.

When Lucy runs into the enigmatic Matthew while rushing to rehearsal she can only stare, frozen under his spell. Once she finally gains enough composure, she skitters away to dance practice. 
However everywhere she turns over the next few weeks, there he is, watching her, stalking his prey. Waiting to make his move, to pounce, to catch and own the lithe and petite Lucy. 
Well you already know from my rambling up there that he pounces, he snares her in his trap, however it's a trap Lucy doesn't intend to try to escape. Matthew outlines the rules, the boundaries are set. This is not a relationship, this is Matthew owning Lucy, Matthew making the rules for their sadomasochistic bond, it will be built on trust, NO LIES! 
Rule# 1: Never Lie!
But when Lucy starts to slip further and deeper into this rabbit hole, her feelings for Matthew grow, he feels her feelings grow, so to staunch the growth he ups his game, lets his sadist off the leash some. However it doesn't seem to cease her feelings, if anything he becomes awed by her, and even though he has debased her on a level that should have her screaming "Mercy", she remains diligently submissive. And that only infuriates him, makes him enraged. 

Now who is breaking his number 1 rule? Who is lying? Not only to himself, but Lucy as well. As Matthew tries to keep his love and devotion for Lucy hidden beneath his lies of disrespect, rage, and Sadism, their original mutual agreement begins to spiral out of control turning their affair into a tumultuous and devastating thing. Once someone has given you, all of you, your mind, body and soul that sinful, biting pleasure that exceeds everything you ever believed you wanted or needed. Once the ache and love awakens the part of you and evolves you and for the first time in your life, you feel, truly feel alive, can you walk away? Even though everyone around you is telling you how unhealthy and wrong it is, even when the person responsible for evolving you is pushing you away. Is that all that is left, just return back to feeling nothing, go back to feeling like you're not alive?

Mercy is not a buy now, it is a fucking MUST READ NOW! Do not let another day pass, read it NOW! And when you finish it, come comment below, I dare you to tell me Mercy isn't a 15 to FSOG's 10.........
Mercy easily grabs 5 naughty yet deliciously erotic Kimmi stars *****

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  1. I loved this book sooooo much, I have re read it so many times, this is my favorite Annabel Joseph book!!