Friday, June 7, 2013

Silken Edge by Laci Paige

Review by Lil' Max

What would you do after you’ve been dumped on your ass by your long-time boyfriend?  I would mourn the death of the relationship, call my girls, get all done up (a.k.a hair did, nails did, put on my fuck ‘em dress) and keep on keeping on. Well not Kristy!  Kristy actually stays friends with her ex, but moves on none the less and begins to explore things she never imagined she would, yet wanting it always sort of harbored deep down somewhere.  Kristy’s best friend Sherry is into BDSM and Kristy is very adamant that BDSM in not something she would EVER be into.  She researched it online and heard plenty of stories from Sherry and she is damn sure that is not what she wants to get into, or is it?

After a drunken lost bet with Sherry one night at the bar, Kristy experiences pleasures and desires she didn’t even know existed.   After Kristy’s first “scene” with Master Jay, she was enthralled.  Drawn to him like nothing else.  If only she knew he was her young Hawt trainer at the gym. This story is captivating!  It’s a beginner’s guide intro into the BDSM lifestyle; shit its how I would imagine I would experience it for the first time!
Kristy has always lived a very “Vanilla” lifestyle.  She was with the same guy, Steven for 5 years and didn’t even always “get off”  Ahhh… the things we sacrifice for love.  At first I was really apprehensive about Miss Kristy.  She was too nice to her ex and I didn’t think she had any fire in her! I was WAAYYY off.  This chick embraced her desires and just went for it!  I was like "Well damn if Kristy can do, I can too shit!!!" Anyways,  Kristy is the sweet brown eyed girl next door type.  She doesn’t really stray from the norm of everyday life.  However she can’t seem to shake Master Jay out her head after their first encounter and her attraction to how he made her feel draws her back to the club searching for him.  Which is exactly what I would’ve been doing!  Little did she know he was right next door!
Which brings me to Master Jay…aka Jake the trainer, the Hot Ass 24 year old gym owner with a banging body!  This sexy motherfucker has had his eye on Kristy since she opened her membership 2 years ago.  He has dreamed of getting her in his “special” room and rocking that shit till the wheels fall off… You know what I’m sayin?  So when he finds out she no longer has a man and she wants to sign up for a personal trainer he almost EXPLODES!  Even though he knows she will NEVER get him or his lifestyle he can’t stay away.  I mean who would after dreaming of being with her for 2 years and then becoming her trainer.  I mean, seeing her on the work-out machine with her legs spread does things to a man, especially one with a “kink”.  So when she is the newbie at the club that ends up in his room, it’s like his dream come true.  He is always hooded at the club, so Kristy has no idea who he is.  Eventually though, being neighbors, and her trainer, he accidentally reveals his identity as Master Jay and then all hell breaks loose.   Ahh shit!!! 

And this is where the real fun begins.  
These two are on 2 different spectrum's of the sex chain.  Kristy explores her curiosities with BDSM and embraces some serious mind blowing experiences but she can’t decide if she wants it all the time.  Jake aka "Master Jay" doesn’t do Vanilla, but he tries for Kristy and realizes some crazy things about himself.  The power struggle of desires these two go through is a damn whirlwind.  I was up, down, left, right and tied up and Master Jay was in my head and I felt it when he used the flogger I was like hmmm…. I definitely need to hit the Sex shop and soon!!!  This story will answer some serious questions for you about BDSM and have you Googling shit you want to try!! Make no mistake this is HOT and I can’t wait for Jonathan and Roxi’s story. Until then, I give this 4.5 BadAssDirty stars!

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