Friday, June 7, 2013

Zane by Nicole Edwards

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Review by Lil' Max

Lawd have Mercy Nicole Edwards has done it again!!! Actually, she has out done herself.  If you have read Club Destiny then you know what her talents are if you haven’t and this is going to be your first Nicole Edwards book let me be the first to tell you that it will BLOW you away!! Zane is one of 7 sexy ass cowboy brothers that make up the Walker Family.  You always get a little taste of all of the characters so when I read Kaleb, I thought Zane would be good but I was wrong he was GRRRReat, Awesome, FanFUCKINGtastic! I couldn’t put this book down.  I took my kindle EVERYWHERE with me and when I didn’t, I used my kindle app on my phone.   Zane was my drug of choice, I couldn’t wait to get back to him.  OHH.MY.GOD. What I wouldn’t do to be in Vanessa’s shoes, well actually her body so Zane could ravish me! Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.
Anyways, Vanessa and Zane are introduced in Kaleb. V’s best friend is married to Zane’s brother Kaleb.  V only wants just a casual relationship with Zane not wanting to be too attached to anything.  Of course, she has her own baggage as we all do and has to find ways to come to terms with it.  Like any woman, who wants to give a man everything so he has no reason to keep you around?  I was thinking she was going to just crumble at his feet at his every request (I’m sure I would’ve) but she held strong and was her own person no matter what. Even though, the thought of his Sexy Ass got her blood pumping she tried to play it off for a long time. 
With the amount of pleasurable ecstasy that is ZANE, there was no way she could stay away. Shit not that he was gonna let her whether she was suffering from PTSD or Not.  Zane was jumped by V’s ex Jake and his boys as revenge for Zane putting him in his place at the local bar and embarrassing him in front of everyone! Zane’s accident affected V and she tried to hide it from everyone.  Of course, Zane (that sexy MF) found out and wanted to do everything in his power to help her through it, but that stubborn ass woman kept pushing him away.  ZANE ain’t no quitter though.  He was gonna fix it come hell or high water!!!
Ohhh that brings me to him ZANE …..sorry I was daydreaming about him saying shit like this to me “I want to bury my tongue in your pu$$y and make you scream my name” instead of V.…where was I again? Oh, ya right so….Ya’ll ain’t ready for the things that Zane will do to you!  This man will have you panting, sweating and holding your breath to see what he is gonna do (that makes you tingle) next.  Zane is the kinda man that you want to lock in the basement and never let anyone near him (your best kept secret) .  He’s of course an Alpha male.  I love Alpha’s whoot whoot.  He just emanates Sex, Lust and Desire ohh goodness everythang!  
ZANE and his brothers want revenge for what Jake and his boys did to him like it ain’t nobody’s business.  He definitely ain’t waiting around for karma to bite Jake in the ASS, especially since he is harassing V.  The Walker Family is building a high profile Sex Club in their town.  This keeps their minds busy so they don’t go off the deep end looking for Jake.  In the meantime, Zane is gonna take V and do things that make you want to scream and make your panties wet.  He is not above including his best friend Beau to join the party!! These scenes will Blow your mind in more than one way.
Nicole gives a whole new meaning to Ménages for me. It makes me think umm ya I could do that..Now all I have to do is convince the hubby. After reading this book, I spent some “quality time” with the man and then had to take a cold shower just so I could relax enough to go to sleep.  It didn’t prevent me from dreaming of my own Sexcapade with ZANE though!!!