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LipSmackin' GoodBooks Author Interview with CM Stunich by Kimmi

CM Stunich, first of all I must tell you that I shamelessly went all out total teenage, squealing like you were my ALL TIME FAV boy band, when I got your email for this awesome as hell opportunity! I am a huge fan of yours! I fell in love with you while I read and devoured your Never Series, and after Losing Me, Finding You I was ready to profess my undying devotion to you and propose marriage. However after I gave it further consideration I realized just how awkward that would make things and I decided against it, lmao. Alright then, now that my dork personality has emerged and let herself be known and totally freaked you out, lets get this thing started with some questions!

-Hi there Kimmi! Well in response to your above question, yes, yes I will marry you. ;)  LOL.  Thank you for all the fangirling awesomeness.  You rock hard. -CM

1) If you would first please give us a brief biography on yourself an let us know where your inspiration to begin writing originated from?

-Well, basically, there are these voices in my head that tell me to do things.  Now, some folks might say I'm schizophrenic or something of the like, but other than that one time when they asked me to free the chimps from their enclosure at the zoo, they've been great!  Telling me stories to keep me up at all hours of the night and day... And then demand I write them down... Seriously, it's not as creepy as it sounds! ;)  Okay, all kidding aside, my writing comes from the heart and soul.  That's the inspiration, and it always will be.

2) What age did you start writing and was it a moment or turning point in your life that triggered it?

-I'd have to say both.  I've always written, ever since I can remember.  It was just a hobby though, something I did without thinking to entertain myself, but I did manage to hold onto pretty much all of the old stuff, all the way down to early elementary school.  Ask me to share some with you at some point ... it's a riot!  Anyhow, it wasn't until I was older and beat down by life that I realized that being an author was actually a legitimate career choice. ;)  I jumped in head first and started drowning (in a good way, of course).  P.S. I'm writing this interview on lack of sleep, so please forgive my weirdness... I swear, it's just a result of the fatigue.  Huh?  What?  Why, yes I did write a book about flesh eating mermaids.  Is there something you're trying to get at? ;)

3) I absolutely love your writing style! You never shy from letting an ugly story be what it is, ugly. If the story is gritty and full of angst, you don't hold back. How was your writing style born and where did your unique and raw angle on this genre originate from?

-Aw!  Thank you, thank you!  Well, I'm a pretty dark person.  And I don't mean that I like to sit around and sacrifice birds to the Underlord or anything of the sort, I just see things in a different light.  Sometimes ugly-pretty is the best kind there is, and it's the least often written about, so I take hold of those gut feelings and that pain that everyone keeps hidden deep down inside of them and I put it on paper.  Oftentimes, I'm just as surprised at what comes out as you all are!

4) When writing is there a message in each book that you want the readers to grasp or walk away with?

-Yes.  Absolutely.  Love.  Love is the most important thing there is, and not just romantic love, love in all its various forms and incarnations.  Find it, keep it, treasure it.

5) If you had to choose a writer or author, who would you consider a mentor?

-A mentor...hmm...I don't know if I've ever really had one of those, but I can tell you that there are some AMAZING authors I've been inspired by, worked with and spoken with on this journey.  Just to name a few ... Jennifer Martinez, Amanda Heath, Adam Gaffen, Elle Casey, Cameo Renae, Tabatha Vargo, Joanna Wylde, Airicka Phoenix, Bec Botefuhr...I could go on and on.  All of these folks are great, check 'em out!

6) Are there any new authors that have piqued your interest?

-Um, yes, check all of the above!  There are so many new authors coming onto the scene right now.  It's a great time for books and literature all around.  I feel lucky to be a part of the eReading and Indie movements.

7) I know you have four big new releases coming up, but I've gotta ask, can you tell is what you are brainstorming or beginning to put together for us?

-Of are some random words to confuse and intrigue!  Dirty candy, grave cherries, prom night kiss, urban life, dragons, tales that shouldn't be told, subsequent visions, blurry nights, bleeding in the rain, and T-shirts.

8) If there was one main "pearl of wisdom" you could give to new authors what would it be?

-Read a lot; write more.  Basically, you have to read to be a writer.  That's pretty common knowledge, but I think it's so important that it deserves repeating because honestly, when you start in on this journey, you'll forget to pick up a book and after awhile, it'll start to weight down your soul.  Then, of course, you actually have to write.  It's of tantamount importance.  Some people also forget this.  It's easy to get wrapped up in the Facebooking and the blogging and the memeing (<<<---WTF is that anyway?), but first and foremost, the words that come from your fingertips are the most important.  I try to write at least 3,000 words a day everyday.

9) Can you tell us your favorite author? Favorite book? The one character of all books that you identify with the most. And which character you would snatch up as a husband if only he wasn't fictional?

-My favorite author has always been Laurell K Hamilton for blessing the world with the Anita Blake novels.  The first twelve in that series are my absolute top reads of all time and I'd highly recommend them.  Hamilton knows how to write seamlessly, suck you in and spit you back out.  It's incredible.  As for the character I identify most with, I'm going to have to choose Natalie from "The Feed" because she makes the most logical decisions of any book character I've ever seen.  Plus, I get to keep her boyfriend, Seth, for myself as my fictional husband.  It's a win, win situation!

10) What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of writing?

-Favorite: getting to talk to awesome folks like you!!!  Least favorite: losing pretty much all of my free reading time.

This Author Interview with CM Stunich kicked ass! I loved coming up with the questions, but I love her answers even more! CM is a down to earth and all around badass chick. I had a great time with this project, Thanks CM! Muah!

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