Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worlds Apart by Kate Mathias

 Review by Kimmi 

Yeah, sorry. You see I started this book and I thought what I was reading was another one of a million other books we buy for our Kindle because, well shit it's safe. The cover had no alarms or red flags flying up in my head. The beginning was perfectly what I expected. Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy. They have a date, a beautiful first kiss, fall in love, ahhhh, swell! Que the doves, the band, and Hap, Hap, Happily Ever After, **sighs** Yeah, no.

> I'd like to make a quick observation here, if you by chance ever find yourself in a just peachy keen, the whole world is full of rainbows and butterflies. The wedding was splendid, and twins on the way. Aaaaaannnd you look down at your kindle during your happily ever after, and you are only 20% of the way in, heed Kimmi's warning children, THE SHIT IS 'BOUT TO GO DOWN.........When I got to this HEA point, then started the next chapter,  I said "Hold up! WTF?!?! Oh hell no, the printing company has lost their damn mind and mixed books together or something...." Kimmi commenced on the most confusing 4 hours of my life, and it's not the authors fault, no. Her story telling is superb! Fantastic, rich. 
It's just that I was on this ride, riding and humming along, and then all of a sudden my ass is on a different ride that is cross between magic mountain, the Titan, what ever other AWESOME ass roller coaster you can imagine! And it was soooo damn FUN! I want to tell you a description of this book, but I'm sorry I refuse, I want you to read this the way I did, with your eyes wide shut. Because when Kate Mathias flips the script and you find yourself ass over tea kettle, I don't want you to have any land marks, I have supplied enough in this review. I will however, remind you that I have NEVER steered you wrong. And everything I say in my reviews, you get it, you know what I'm trying to express about a book. Please, do yourself a favor and read this story, you will love it. I give Worlds Apart 5 WTFH was that? Kimmi stars ***** Also, newly released, book 2 in this series Hiding in Plain Sight! Now available! Woohoo! I haven't read it yet, however it is in my line up, but Kate Mathias told me it kicks off quick! And by the raving reviews *squeals* I am SO excited to start it!


  1. Just another one to add to my great list of reading! I only have an exploding reading list in my kindle... thanks to KIMMI! I'm going to need a serious writing break soon. Very soon ;b or I'm going to have to find a way to BLOCK myself from reading your damn reviews!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha! You can't quit me! Lmao! Muah!


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