Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bound by Vengeance SKALS 2 by Adriana Noir

Review by Kimmi
Well, just like the first book this one has also left me with a "What the hell was that?" look on my face. I am divided, one Kimmi is hollering "Hell yes! Holy Shit! That was so fucking good, so what I wanted and needed it to be and everything in between! Sebastian Baas is back, and baby he is back in black! Straight out the damn gate, as soon as Sebastian struts his ass out on the pages of this book ACDC's Back in Black was screaming and pulsing around him (in my mind, not the book). He is still the same Seby we love to hate, a charming, manacle, confident, sexy as shit mothafuka! That is still just this side of psychotic....... He is a character, that for the first time EVER I can't find a picture to portray what Adriana Noir has used her words to paint! I can't! I found a kinda Seby for my review of Sinister Kisses but it left me uneasy because it wasn't quiet ALL that Sebastian Baas truly is. He is unlike any character I've read, I know I keep saying that but shit I feel like I can't get it across to you, ok, let me try, ummm, we are going to get a mixing bowl and add men to it, ehhh, Ok, first Jericho Barron's, add him, for the tough leader, and a guy you don't dick around with, then add some Caleb from Dark Duets for the slightly mentally unstable and need to control everything facet of Seby, and we  gotta throw some Grey in there for the tailored suits and upper hand he keeps in bed, ok, mix all of them up and guess what, yeah, no. Still not strong enough to describe this man! Dammit! Sorry, but honest to God, you will have to read this series to grasp the utter magnitude that Sebastian's character truly beholds.
My not quiet Sebastian but as close as I can get pics :
A weak portrayal of Sebastian Baas

A sexy, but weak portrayal of Sebastian Baas

Oh and bless her poor heart, Taylor. Baby girl I just don't know what to tell you, I want to tell you to run like hell in the other direction away from this man while you beat his ass into a bloody pulp while simultaneously fucking his brains out. This is not a cross roads ladies, he has brought me to an epic autobahn intersection that is a total clusterfuck of intersecting roads, paths and train tracks with no working red, green, or yellow lights!!!! 

Ok, now here is the other side of Kimmi, remember? Before all of that rambling you just waded through up there, I said I was divided, yeah ok, so this part of me has had it rationally explained (you know by the rational Kimmi, lmfao) that just because you think you want something, doesn't mean you need it. I know I am just the reader, lmao, and I have to let Adriana take me where she wants me to go but the id in me, the irrational child, is screaming at the top of her lungs and stomping her feet demanding rainbows, unicorns, babies and wedding bells!!!! However Adriana is not as maliciously twisted as Seby, she does not leave you hanging in the balance of a cliffhanger that you are certain you won't live through. She puts some pieces together, just enough to keep us little addicts fed but not enough to keep us away and clamoring for the third book in this series! 
*Side note, this review is one of those reviews where not only my Tourette's came out, but apparently a second personality (that I was unaware existed) surfaced as well, so I would like to apologize for the clusterfuck this review is, It's just that, well sometimes when a book is just too good, and the bat shit crazy bitch in your head is fixing to take you down if you don't let her out, it's best just to not fight her, and let that crazy bitch out ; )   So I did.
I give this fan-fuck-tastic book 5 charmingly psychotic Kimmi stars *****


  1. LOL! I am so glad you liked it! Thank you for the kind words. :D

  2. I've just started reading it. Snuck in a few pages at work. Tonight I have to attempt to work on my blurb! The one and only thing holding up my otherwise ready to be pub'd novel! I'll probably give in and just read :b.

  3. Love the review! Cannot wait for the book!

  4. Great review :) I love Baas :) My Baas is Eugenio Siler, I think he's the perfect Baas