Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

 Review by Kimmi

Alright, I think I can write this review now and make some sort of sense out of my cluttered heart, mind, and emotions. I really had no idea what the hell to expect going into this book, I watched a YouTube book trailer and had a good friend of mine recommend it, then I just dove the hell in! And Holy Shit! Ummm, Kimmi starts singing (hey don't talk shit, you don't even know, I have a voice like an angel,jk) Now, for my song:  Welcome to the Hotel California, and I was thinking to myself this could be heaven or hell. Such a lovely place, such a lovely face. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. This song flooded the pages of this book in my mind.

Gemma gets the chance of a life time to go to France, stay in the beautiful Chateau Tibideau, and have her journalism career burst on the scene, and finally make a name for herself. She has been given the awesome opportunity of staying with the enigmatic Artist Phillipe Tibideau and learn the man behind the scandal that is on the front page of every magazine.

Phillipe Tibideau

"Don't let them make a villain out of you. Don't let them break you." But Phillipe knows you can't break a man that's already broken.......... When she left him, he lost everything. His soul, his heart, they didn't belong to him, not from the moment their eyes met the first time. She ensnares him, enthralls him, enraptures him, before she even speaks. He knows that he can never loose her, ever. If he were to loose her he would be nothing, not even a full shell of himself, for the rest of his life. This absolutely heart wrenching tale is the beginning of a tragic love story, and the complete ending of a man. He walks the halls of the Chateau, he may roam the land and the old dying vineyard, but he isn't here, he hasn't been since her...........

Gemma finds herself falling quickly down into a rabbit hole, her mind is screaming at her to turn around and run, but the ghost of the man before her, the man with the most devastating story ever to be told, keeps her under his spell, in awe. She wants to pull him back from the depths of his dark hell, she wants to love him, belong to him, she wants to completely drown in him. However Phillipe is quiet content with in the walls of this place, this hell of his. And he plans on staying, preferably alone........ Will he pull Gemma down into his depths of hell with him? Hold her there, and make her stay unlike she did? Or is Gemma brave enough, strong enough, to pull back the layers of a broken and shattered man, and piece the fragile slivers left behind back together? Can Gemma show him how to love, live again?
This erotically stunning novel was hella mothafuckin HAWT! Whew! I'd like to add here that, uhh yeah, our boy Phillipe, has one of my most favorite qualities! A dirty fuckin mouth! Hot as Sin!  Hmmm hmm Ladies, grade A, hot, alpha, broken man! 

 This story was thrilling, mystifying, and dammit was it intriguing! I was blown away by Ella Franks fantastic story telling, her style and grace sucked me in, and I couldn't get out of the damn slippery hole Ella Frank threw my ass in! Just kidding, you know I jumped in that shit ;  )  Ella Frank's use of descriptive words to create this magical and erotic world is captivating and it leaves you able to check out anytime, but you can't ever leave.............  So I give Blind Obsession 5 Erotic, hot as hell, & WTFH is happening? Kimmi stars! *****

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