Thursday, May 16, 2013

Unbeautifully by Madeline Sheehan

Review by Kimmi

 I am going to somehow try and explain the absolute immensity and magnitude of utter fucking awesomeness this book is. And as hard as I will try, I know I will probably come up short in helping you grasp how imperative it is that you read this damn book, and yes I said and meant.....Imperative!

Ohhhhh my fucking Shitness! Hoooly fucking hell!!!! I freaking loved it!!!! I wanted to take it slow, and let us learn about each other, marinate in it, soak it all in. With Undeniable, I flew through it, one sitting, Bam! Then sat there forever in a daze like, well now WTF am I supposed to do? So when I began Unbeautifully, I knew we needed to go slow, get a good calm foundation before this relationship could get any deeper, or it would leave me just as devastated as Undeniable did. However, something happened less than 15% in, you see, I fell in love, yes I know it was way too soon for me to be throwing my heart out there but I didn't give a shit! I LOVED IT!!!! I wanted to marry it, build a house with it, I wanted to make little Unbeautifully babies with it!!!!! Grow old and sit on the front porch sipping sweet tea with it! Then die of old age and be buried side by side with it....... Madeline Sheehan, you clever thing you! You captured me with Undeniable, but with Unbeautifully I submissively gave you my mind, heart, and soul, and I'd have given you my body if I could! But let's be honest then things between us would just be awkward.......*laughs* 

Unbeautifully begins where Undeniable left us off, except the POV of the characters include Danny, Deuce's daughter, and Ripper, Deuce's sergeant of his MC, and the love story between Danny and Ripper. Their love is one that crosses the lines, it breaks boundaries of not just time, and love, but of laws, unwritten laws between brothers that you don't cross with out being killed. Their love story is the furthest thing from beautiful, like the scars that mar Danny's heart and the scars that mar Rippers skin, their story is ugly, raw, and flawed. But it's theirs, it is perfectly and wholly theirs.

"Baby," he Sid gruffly. "Man like me got no business with a girl like you. You're nothin' but fuckin' beauty and I'm a whole lot of fuckin' ugly who's already halfway to hell."

What sets Madeline Sheehan apart from others is her unwillingness to sugar coat, she doesn't paint in pretty colors and she doesn't sprinkle shiny and fluffy words, that's not her style, not the story she writes, not the tale she wants us to hear. Hers is a story that is hers and hers alone, and it will get ugly, it will get down right bloody, dirty, and when you want to turn away, when it seems too much, she grabs you by your throat, she never pulls a single punch, and she drags your ass through it all the way until the end, while you just sit in awe, in wonder, how in the hell she just took all that filthy, gritty ugliness and turned it into something Unbeautifully perfect. Even while you flinched, every time she had you sobbing, or wanting to look away, at the end you really gotta give credit where credit is due, you wanna tip your hat, bow your head a bit, and say, very well played Madeline, very damn well played. I have been check mated and it was fucking awesome and I wanna do that shit again and again and again! And then you find yourself awkwardly in love with an author, and it's a bit unsettling but you can't help it, ehhh, just fall, shhh, everyone else did do, we won't tell ..........

Hell Fuck Yeah! I give Unbeautifully 5 you-met-all-my-expectations-and-more-and-I-effing-thank-you-for-it! Kimmi stars! *****

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  1. DAMN girl now you got my interest peeked. I'm a no sugar coating kinda person so I will probably relate well to her writing style. Thanks for the review she will now have a new reader!!!!