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Oh My God Becky! Look at her Blog! It is SO big! Isn't it so round? It s just out there? Haha! No it's not big, and no it's not out there, but it still got the J.L.Mac baby! For not only an author interview but also Kimmi's review of Restore Me

Lip Smackin’s Madame Kimmi: Hey y'all! I would like my friends, my followers and my J.L. Mac fans to please stand up and warmly welcome *kicks the belligerent fool next to her, points up* to Lip Smackin' Good Books......the one, and only Ms J. L.  Mac!!!

J.L.Mac was kind enough to gift Kimmi one of her biggest wishes to ever come true! A freggin' AUTHOR INTERVIEW!!!!! At times this may get awkward, but lets be honest, how composed could you keep yourself in front of your Jon Bon Jovi? Huh? Yep, that's what I thought....

Somehow, someway, I thankfully stumbled upon "Seven Years of Bad Luck", I was barely into chapter 2 when I knew to my very bones you were about to literally take my breath away! After "7 yrs", I read a few more books (I like to stick w/ new and up and coming authors, so I continued to do so, however after reading book after book I couldn't get your writing style or shit, that thing, that thing you feel when reading a book by a new to you author, the thing that snatches you, quickly, and it becomes the base of your reading addiction. I couldn't find it, and then Finally! I do! Ahhhhh the heavens open wide and send to me (oddly enough via Amazon kindle) "Wreck Me" and......oh dear lord baby jesus THANK YOU!! First off, which btw, these are not my interview questions, but, where in the hell did you come up w/ these kick ass stories? Where did these awesome characters come from?

     There really isn’t any sort of methodology to it. I daydream and manage to concoct these stories and characters. I have a spiral notebook full of material just waiting for some attention. Usually plot material spurs from little things in my daily life. The Wrecked series was all because of crappy Black Friday traffic.


1) Can you give me a brief biography on yourself and tell me where your inspiration came from to create your unique and awesome angle on your romance novels.
        I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast. I was born and raised in Galveston Texas where I met my husband. He’s a soldier in the Army and I’ve been following him all over the country for 8 years. He’s worth it ; )

2) What do you have in the works for us right now?
         A few things actually. I am focusing on finishing a Wrecked spinoff novel that will benefit my good friend’s little girl who has recently been diagnosed with Leukemia. All the proceeds from the book will go towards Emma’s treatment and to financially support the family. I am hoping the Indie community shows their support by purchasing a copy and sharing. Accept Me is the third book in the Wrecked series and will be along right after the spinoff. Lastly, I have a seedy tale to tell that I think everyone just might love. I know I love it. It’s a story that drags the reader into a wicked web of epic proportions. You realize that the world can get really small when the right enemy has the right level of motivation. Anything can happen. *gasp* hahaha It’s coming soon.

3) Can you name any authors that influenced you to become a writer or influenced your writing style?

          Not really. I don't read too much. In fact, I don't really read at all. I have read CJ Roberts Dark Duet and I can say that her writing is just intelligent. Plain and simple. She has an ability to quilt a clever plot like none other. Kudos to her because as a writer I can understand just how difficult it can be to bring it all together. It feels like your brain is multi-tasking it's ass off.

4) While writing do you set yourself an allotted amount of time per day, or do you just follow the voices in your head?

          I don’t set a time. I set goals for wordage or chapters, but never a timelimit or frame. When material hits you it hits you.

 5) Do your characters have a face before you begin writing them? Or do your characters begin as a blank canvas that becomes more clear and develop physically while you are writing?
          So far, every character seemed to *poof* snap into existence. Maybe subconsciously I have already imagined them.

6) What is your most favorite and least favorite aspect of writing a book?

           My favorite thing about writing a book is when I kick back and read that sucker cover to cover and find myself enjoying my own work. It’s a feeling like none other. I often stop multiple times and stare at the wall in my office thinking “damn… this is kind of good.” The thing I like the least is the pressure to please. I know not everyone will be a fan of my books and that’s fine, but it never stops me from hoping that I can turn a non-fan into a fan.

7) If you could have any one of your characters be nonfictional and a part of your day to day life, who would you chose and why?

          Grams. I love Grams so darn much. She’s the best kind of friend. I’d hang out with her as much as I could.

8) If you could give the new and upcoming authors your shiniest pearl of wisdom, what would it be? 

            If you have a story worth telling, tell it well. Invest in yourself and others will too.

9) Ok, now, we all have our fav heroines, and our best book boyfriends, if you could chose which character, of ANY book: who would you be and why? And who is your book boyfriend? Out of ANY character from ANY book, who would you snag up as a husband if he wasn't fictional? 

              I don’t really have a book boyfriend. I’m lame I know. I would have to read a few current hits to choose a book hubby. I’m kind of biased though. I love Josephine and Damon. He’s ideal. haha  

Jaimi, GIRL! Thank you so much for including Lip Smackin' in your blog tour! Thank you for granting this school girl (me) an interview with her favorite boy band (you). I had a blast being apart of the Restore Me Me blog tour! Muah! Kimmi

THANK YOU Kimmi! You rock my socks, doll! Great intervi


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  1. Great interview! I'm so sorry to hear about Emma. I'll definitely buy a copy and help spread the word however I can. Thanks for all the fun questions and insights J.L & LipSmackin!


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