Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ruined by S. Pratt

Review by Kimmi
-(Ahh, real quick warning, I know my reviews are usually quick witted and lmfao funny ;) but yeah, this book completely took me by surprise, and I can't respectfully give this book a review without pouring my soul into it.)

Oh Wow! Wow! Shit that's the only word I have right now, it's on a loop, give me a second. Whew, k, I'm ready: This story split my heart into before chapter 1 was even over, hot fat tears raining down on my Kindle and I wasn't even into Chap. 2 yet!!!! This story starts out and you learn very quickly that the main character Bailey is engaged to be married, however she has continued an on again off again affair with the man she has loved since she was fifteen. Now this is where it gets me all sobbing, you see her fiancee Carron is a wonderful man, he is perfect, secure, supportive, he is everything that Bailey should ever want. However he is not and he never will be, and it isn't any one's fault really. 
The reason this strikes such a deep cord in me is because I found out a long time ago that what everybody told me back then about puppy love was complete and utter bullshit. That it will hurt like hell when you loose the one, your first true love, but there are other fish, and time heals, and you still have your whole life ahead of you, blah, blah, blah. The pain will ease with time, that's what they all said. Well, here's my bullshit card, I'm laying that bitch on the table.  This story alone proves their theory dead wrong. The pain in the scars that mar a woman's heart from her first true love never, ever goes away. They thicken like any tissue scars, we grow older, marry, and have children and we are happy, until that song comes on, a smell fills our senses, or you stumble on a book that is so incredibly written that those scars tear wide open with out any resistance and the pain is as fresh and devastating as it was decades ago.

I felt so fiercely protective of Bailey, yes I know she is the (sort of) bad guy in the story but she paints herself as ugly as those who would judge her would. So much happens in this story, your heart breaks for Bailey, for her fiancee Carron, for the extreme love she once had with Angel, and now it degradingly only consists of snippets they steal in time. Even though that's all she has, she'll greedily take it, because when they come together its like a lightening bolt, fast, strong, electrical and it lights up the whole damn sky. But it is always over way too soon.

How long can Bailey straddle the line that's drawn? It's spoiling her from the inside out, rotting her, her words. But because of Angel, she is and will always remain Ruined for any other man. 
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5 fan-fuckin-tastic Kimmi Stars!

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