Monday, May 6, 2013

Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas

Review by Kimmi

This was my first time reading a story by this author. What I thought I was walking into and what I actually did walk into were two VERY different places. I was expecting it to go along the same lines as Dark Captive and it did to some extent, but I gotta say this book was darker, more malicious, and much grittier than a lot of books I've read. I cringed in every other chapter, was thrown into shock on pretty much every damn page, it was like watching a never ending train wreck with no one to help, all you can do is look at the carnage left behind. Mafia Captive is exactly what the name says, Faith is given to the lesser of the two evil twins, Leo. But Leo is a sadist with a deep ingrained need and desire to own a slave. BDSM isn't enough to quench his demons thirst anymore. So when Leo's twin brother Angelo delivers Faith to him as an early Christmas present he believes he will finally have what he's always wanted. He will own her, all of her, her mind, body, and soul. And with her submissive characteristics he keeps catching small glances of he is sure that they are going to be a match made in sinful heaven.

However, Faith is not in any way being receptive to him, anything and everything about Leo is scaring the ever living hell out of her. She is not into kink, she is vanilla the whole damn way, and for Leo that will absolutely not do. So Faith now has a decision to make, is being held captive in a gilded cage really better than death. Her life is not her own either way. Why shouldn't she just beg for it to end and get it over with.

These characters are very mentally disturbed, and have some serious heavy issues from self hate to fantasies of kidnapping and rape. Mafia Captive was an incredibly thought evoking read, and just because I am saying it is a hard read doesn't mean it's a bad read, it is very far from that. I love it when a book sticks with you way after you've read the last page. So I'll continue to mull over my thoughts and feelings this book stirred up. And let you make your decision. Are you ready for a mind fuck is my only question to you, enjoy ; )
I give Mafia Captive 5 raw & dark Kimmi stars*****

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  1. I dunno! Might have to check this one out. Is this the first book or is Dark Captive part if this one or another?


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