Monday, May 6, 2013

Extreme Love by Abby Niles

Review by Kimmi
I was so damn stoked about this one that I actually hit the pre-order button! I never do that, never! Extreme Love has the formula for great things, I mean holy hell! Dante "Inferno" Jones is a damn MMA fighter! And if you know ANYTHING about me and/or my reviews, you know I stop WHATEVER THE HELL I'm doing for a MMA fighter. I'm so glad this didn't come out while I was in Vegas, lmao, I'd have never come out of my room! 
However, (and you know I hate being negative in my reviews! I really do!) If this story didn't have Dante the MMA fighting machine I don't think I could have finished it : /
Dante is, of course everything that makes us smut whores pant: ripped, tattooed, and, hehehe, filthy mouthed in the sheets. He made this book, MADE IT!

The heroine on the other hand just really made me want to slit em, she recently lost eighty lbs, and effin kudos for her! We have all been chubby, at least most of us real bitches have, after kids, or depression or whatever the reason, we've all packed on more weight than we wanted. Hey, you gain some, you loose some, it's a never ending battle. Any damn who, my problem with Caitlyn was that she could not and would not let this shit go. Every thought about everything and everyone was somehow weight related, and it just got so damn tiring. She wanted to break apart and study every word that came out of Dante's mouth, why did he say this, why would he act like he likes me? Mean while Kimmi over here, lol, is screaming WHO THE FUCK CARES? Crawl your chubby ass up his hard as hell body and RAVISH HIM!!!! Now I know the chubby ass remark was not PC, but lets be honest Caitlyn probably weighed a whole buck twenty and stood at 5'5. 
If you can get around Caitlyn and all her body dysmorphic tendencies, it is a very sweet and sexy story, and I know it doesn't sound like it up there, but I did enjoy it. 
And So, for Dante, I give Extreme Love 3.5 melting "Inferno" Kimmi stars!

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