Monday, May 6, 2013

Close Up and Personal by J.S. Taylor

Review by Kimmi:
Wowza's!!! WTFH? I may have said Restraint was the book that bitch slapped Fifty, however I must concede that sometimes Kimmi don't know WTF she is talking about! Holy Eff me Batman!!!! If Restraint bitch slapped Fifty, then Close Up and Personal went about making 50 it's bitch in a very sophisticated, calm and domineering way, slap unnecesary. This shit was EVERYTHING I wanted Bared to be, EVERYTHING I wanted any "if you need a Fifty (crack cocaine hit, let's be honest here!) fix this is your book and I will call Bullshit, over and over, until Close Up and Personal   ;) 
Ok. Now that I've had my moment. This is some kick ass, yummy damn yum! What in the hell Girls? where has this series been hiding?
Um hmm OK, let me (try) to break it down for ya: Take a full serving of FSOG, sprinkle 1 cup of Dante's Inferno, then a dash of George Clooney, and there you have it, an epic recipe for panty dropping hotness that comes in waves off the damn pages in this book! 
Isabella is an aspiring screen writer and drama graduate that is thrown into an audition that she isn't even sure she wants the role to begin with, only to find herself up close and in front of the world famous and hot damn gorgeous movie director James Berkeley. He is demanding and all consuming, while Isabella is a stuttering and stumbling hot mess that grows more and more pissed at James' high handedness. Issy doesn't need this role and she definitely doesn't want to put up with James' dominating and controlling attitude. 

However, She can't help but be intrigued by the  sinfully sexy and mysterious man who seems to find her just as captivating. But, James wants things from Isabella. And some of these things will flip Issy's simple quiet life upside down. With many problems ahead of them, including James being in a sham hollywood marriage, the paparazzi and James secret past that Issy has barely scratched the surface of, can she really have a true relationship with him without losing herself?

James Berkeley

Awwww shit girls, here it comes, my fav part of the review, *sigh* 
On today's radar is Mister fine ass hell and one of my all time favorites... James. He has the two attributes I love most in my book boyfriends: possessive and controlling. He's also got this dark and brooding artist facet to him, which only adds to his hotness! Oh and of course, of course he has my one main weakness, he has a dirty mouth! Hella yeah! Sold! Like, sold quick! 
James remains very dominant throughout the story, he knows what he wants and even better, he knows what Issy wants even when she is unsure herself. This story is left a bit unfinished with a good ole cliffhanger, but have no fear! Book 2 is out and ready for your reading pleasure. In Close Up and Personal we know James is hiding something and has secrets, but with no light shed on them in book 1 of the series it's hard to know what cards James holds so close to his vest. I can not wait to jump into book 2! The Berkeley Method! And get some Lights, Camera, and HOT ACTION! Up Close and Personal get 5 panty dropping Kimmi stars *****


  1. Lmao! Your reviews are hilarious! I think I am going to need that FSOG Hit like now!


  2. Sometimes you just need a hit Karina ;)
    Muah! Thank you so much for liking my reviews! I love ya Darling!


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