Monday, April 1, 2013

Reflection by Kim Cresswell

Review by Kimmi:
This story called "Reflection" is like crack. While I've never tried crack, I've heard it is addictive as hell. With that being said, once I started this book my"reality" STOPPED. My house went uncleaned, laundry? yeah, nope, didn't get done. And dear lord I must admit, my daily shower? hehehehehe, yeah, FU! Sorry house, sorry children, I have got to find out "Will Blake keep Whitney safe?", Can he? WTFH is he doing? I want him to be "it" for her, but damn it he is making it hard for me!!!!! And WTFH is going on? Seriously?!?! This story was a freaking solid knuckle gripping, INTENSE, no bed for Kimmi tonight read. No really, I shit you not. I started this book, went without food, sleep, I HAD TO KNOW!!!!!! Ahhhh, the perfect twist and turns, the romance was sweet, but I must say my smut whore wanted it to be more detailed and or graphic ; ) But Fo Real, this was an effin' great book. A combo of Alex Cross, w/ a sprinkle of Lisa Gardner. Lets call this book: the perfect mystery with enough confusion to leave you speechless, and wanting so much more!!!!!!


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