Monday, April 15, 2013

More Than Meets the Ink & Inked Ever After by Elle Aycart

Review by Kimmi:

I read More Than Meets the Ink when it first came out in 2011 and I fell head over hills with Elle Aycart as an author. Her writing style and the awesome characters she created in this WONDERFUL story captivated me from page one. And once I finished MTMTI I searched for any and all Elle Aycart books. I found Heavy Issues, BAM I loved that book too! So when I saw Inked Ever After came out, well lets just say I was out of this world beside myself. And it MORE THAN met my expectations!!!! Tate and James' love story is absolutely beautiful! As the reader you meet these characters right when they are meeting each other for the first time. So, you begin their journey with them : )

James is an Adonis if there ever was one. Blond, hazel eyed, and tatt'd up! The tat's had me personally at hello, do I see ink?! I've just met my new book boyfriend! But then! But then... he opens his mouth and thank you dear Lord baby Jesus, on top of all that James is, he has a hot damn dirty mouth! Thank You Elle Aycart, you have created my perfect fantasy man! 

However Tate sees these qualities (that I find are his best attributes) less than desirable, for any long term relationship that is, oh no, Tate isn't dumb or blind, she knows he is desirable, VERY desirable. But he is also a bad boy, and you can't make a bad boy good. Lord knows she watched her sister from the side lines go through bad boy after bad boy and she isn't looking to repeat her sisters mistakes. But a vacay hooray doing the horizontal tango, that she can do. And she has big plans for mister bad boy James, HAWT, sweaty, long night plans. Four days, that's what she'll give him, what she'll take from him, but no more than four days.

But you see, James gets a taste, and he knows for damn sure he hasn't had his fill. Tate can stipulate this thing between them until she is blue in the face, but he isn't letting her walk away now, oh hell no, not even close.
The journey of this wild and tumultuous relationship will have you screaming with glee, devastated while tears run down your face, and panting like your ass is in heat! It's fun with a sprinkle of who dunnit. And its told by both Tate and James alternating POV's <- I always love those books! 
When I finished Inked Ever After I sighed with relief, felt peace and happiness. It was a long and sometimes heart wrenching journey, but it was so good, so perfect. *Sigh*  : )

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