Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love During Death by Rachel A. Olson & Jessica Humphrey

Review by Kimmi

Well, first of all it must be said that you will NEVER read a story quite like this one. In the other book reviews I read there were comparisons of the movie "Ghost" and other "entity" or "spirit/energy" books or movies. I however, say NO. Negative (pun intended) Ghost rider. There is no comparison, because Fia's story is unlike any I've ever read before. It was an intriguing, funny, but sad at times, walk in, dare I say, a wonderland, other world, in between world. What I am trying to say is this story is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Yet again I was enraptured by the words that the writers spilled on every page, wondering and waiting, I thought every hot guy that passed though Fia's life was "the one", and at the same time I couldn't keep up w/ Fia. Is she ok? Oh shit what in the hell is she thinking? Oh hell, Fia you are not a villain! STOP IT!!!! AGH! I will tell you, without spoiling anything, the authors Rachel and Jessica, they make you work for it as a reader, and I mean SHIT! They make you work for it! And the reader is left feeling depressed, even distraught at the end. As the reader you go through all of the emotions that Fia feels, and you see it written on the walls and in between the lines, you know how this story will end. But do you? Ahhhh, you may or may not know. So, Now go. Commence my readers and work for it............ 'Cause if you don't then you miss out on Dion (see Dion pic below), and that's just your damn too bad if you let that hot man idle on your kindle ;  )


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