Monday, April 8, 2013

Sinister Kisses by Adriana Noir

Review by Kimmi:
Holy Shit what in the hell was that? I needed a moment to regain my self composure after I finished this crazy as hell, demented, psychotic, mind boggling asylum, ehhh I mean book, yeah book. This story is one of those rare stories that is so twisted and mindfucking awesome you almost can take it. Thank you, Thank you SOOOOO much Adriana Noir for not holding back, thank you for every raw and gritty detail, thank you for the complexity of each and every character, and most of all thank you for the complete and utter disastrous train wreck that this book is, yet the thought of looking away NEVER crossed my mind. This story hits you very quickly like a frontal attack and it doesn't pull ANY punches! With that being said, if you are under the age 18, or are faint at heart, walk away now. You couldn't handle making it to 30% in this book. 

Taylor is the sweet girl from the wrong side of the tracks, but she works hard and takes care of herself. She is one of the most awesome main characters I have had the pleasure of reading. She is fiercely loyal, but a bit too naive for her own good. With sexy Sebastian making an entrance in her life, she is certain she could easily fall head over hills, but she has no idea whats at the bottom of that hill, if she did she would have been running like hell was chasing her in the other direction. So, Sebastian has to rein in and use patience, something he isn't used to doing. However he will bid his time until he has Taylor exactly where he wants her.


Sebastian is hands down the most complex, intriguing, and maniacal character I have ever read. He goes from laughing and tickling his niece with love in his eyes to carving a mans face up like a jack o lantern with a sinister smirk on his lips, and he does this so gracefully and calmly it makes your blood run cold. He had my emotions twisted in so many different directions I didn't know up from down, hate from love, or wrong from right.  I didn't know where in the hell he was coming from or going to next. He and his evil actions and calm coldness made me freak out, then like a flip of a switch he shows sweet and concerned love for Taylor or his niece and nephews. He seriously had my emotions all over the damn place. I can honestly say he scared the ever living hell out of me. I was afraid for Taylor, hell I was afraid for anyone and everyone around Sebastian. No one, and I mean no one was safe from his manic ministrations. 

On the other side of that coin of his is a sincerely loving protector and provider, albeit in his own odd way. His only concern is to protect Taylor and keep her in his life because she is the only soothing balm that can give him the peace and still calm he has never experienced in his life. For the first time ever, he wants to be a good man. For her he wants to be the man that she feel in love with, but is he too far gone? Is he too tainted with the evil stains of his past? 

Coming in May 2013 is Book 2: Bound by Vengeance And I may very well end up insane and in a padded cell waiting for it! Eeeeek!

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