Thursday, April 4, 2013

Color of Loneliness & Color of Forgiveness by Madeleine Beckett

Review by Kimmi

These stories captured my heart and emotions at the very beginning of Color of Loneliness and didn't let me go until the end of Color of Forgiveness. Madeleine Beckett's story telling is out of this world! The characters she created in these books are multifaceted, they bring deep emotional reactions from the reader. And her story plot has you guessing at every chapter. 

Myra has lost everyone she loves, she is the last of her family alive. She has just found out that the mistress of her cheating ex boyfriend is pregnant. With no reason to stay in Philly, she packs up what is left of her life and returns to her small home town. With the money and house she inherited from her Grampie she is set to start a new life and begin her dream of becoming a writer. However, Grampie's house may be paid for, but it is old and in need of some serious renovations. With the help of her Grampie's best friend and neighbor of 50 years, she gets the name and number of a contractor to help her with these renovations. At first glance Dylan is not what she expected, he can only be described as Adonis. He is an effin hot male sex god! Myra, never one to be to forward or flirtatious, so she tries to remain polite, friendly and only ever offers him kindness with a few nice gestures, ice tea, coffee, simple things. However, Dylan is sick and damn tired of women falling all over him, and any nice smile or polite gesture Myra attempts, he automatically sees it as a ploy to get him in bed. Dylan is an asshole, and he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks. He makes asshole remarks, and that is only if you are lucky enough to get a reaction out of him, usually he just ignores everyone around him. He just wants to finish his job, get paid so he can continue to buy his smokes and his liquor. He has no social life and has been estranged from his family for years. He is alone and that is just how he plans to stay.

My heart broke over a thousand times for Myra. Every time things would start to look up for her, or she would take a step forward in her new life, something or someone would shove her back two more steps. At the end of her rope, and completely alone, hopeless, and about to give up and go back to Philly even if it will cause her embarrassment. She, being the solder that she is, continues to push on.  Dylan may be fine as hell, but some of the things he did and said to Myra had me cussing my kindle out and spitting nails I was so pissed. He is such an insensitive prick, AGH! I wanted to kill the asshole. I know he is hiding something behind these walls he has built around himself and I know it is painful as hell but there is really nothing that could be so bad or so painful to treat people, especially poor selfless Myra, the way he does. Or is there? What has happened to make this man hate, even himself, so much? With Myra's strength just about tapped out she knows she doesn't have it in her to help, she is barely surviving herself. While Dylan's asshole shield begins to falter and crack, he is having a damn hard time ignoring Myra. How much longer can he resist her? 

If I didn't have book 2 Color of Forgiveness when I finished Book 1 Color of Loneliness, I can't promise I would be ok and not institutionalized right now, No I'm serious! The cliffhanger was UNBEARABLE!!!! Thank you dear Lord baby Jesus I had it uploaded and ready. I barely took a breath between these two books, hell I barely took a breath between the chapters of these books. Susie, Myra's best Friend is freaking hilarious, but at one point I just wanted her to shut the hell up so that I could find out WHAT THE HELL was going on! And Jackie? Myra's neighbor, OMG, I had serious thoughts of cutting that fictional bitch to make her stop running her damn mouth and interrupting Dylan and Myra from their "moment". There is a whole lot of who dunnit? that I didn't expect to come from this story. I got really excited when that twist in the story plot came to surface. This book was so thrilling at times, and then so emotional I had trouble reading it through my tears, then I would become fiercely protective of Myra, and then next lol at Susie and her crazy antics. And yes, the smut whore in me was fed, not over fed, but fed enough to keep her content ;  ) See, Dylan has a VERY dirty mouth, in and out of the bed *Sigh* Always a fav of Kimmi's  ;  )

Madeleine Beckett created a fantastic story series with her debut books. I am sooooo freaking STOKED to find out what she has in store for us, based on her first two books, I know she is going to be an author to watch out for, she is on the brink of becoming the new "it" Best selling Author!

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