Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raid by Kristen Ashley

Review by Kimmi

Whoa! This book was HOT, HOT, HOT! When Raiden bumped into Hanna at the store, now I realize she was buying foot for her Gram's cat, but dammit I was the one purring, holy shit Raiden! Let me get through my complete infatuation with Raiden and his finger lickin' fine self first then we will venture into the ACTUAL book review, (hey first things first, well, for Kimmi anyway ;  )  OK, Raid is like in TOP TIER 1 of what my book man should be, he doesn't care if his clothes are ironed or if every pair of pants he owns is a pair of cargo's and his shirt is a thermal under shirt, whatever, he's dressed. He has his rogue, bad ass thing going for him, a dirty mouth, and a heart of gold hidden under his dark demons from his past. <- I know RIGHT?!?! Anytime he was mentioned in the book, anytime I read his words in the book my mind started singing George Michael's "I want your sex". I do not care that he is a fictional character, I WANT HIS SEX! lol.
Ok, now that I was able to get my rant out about Raid, I'll start my review ;  )

I absolutely loved Hanna. I loved that she fell in love with Raiden Ulysses Miller when she was only six years old, and I loved that she carried that candle for him for decades. Every woman has "that boy"  and no matter how much time goes by, he is still hidden deep in your heart, but only a song or a smell can bring back an abundance of treasured memories we keep tucked away. In this story though, Hanna gets the second chance every other woman doesn't. I felt her highs and her lows through this roller coaster ride called Raid. This story had me laughing my ass off at times, (especially the banter between her and her best friend KC), then the story had me in tears and feeling like my heart was being torn out and broken to pieces (in the restaurant Chilton's).  And Grams, I loved her, she is what every girl needs in life, a straight talkin', no bull shittin', through and through wise and sharp tongued Louisiana Lady. 

Raid: "Not a movie person, or never was. Haven't seen either. But bein' in the dark with you close, giving you something you like to do, don't give a fuck what it is. Just glad to be doing it."
Hanna: (inner monologue) GOD.  That was nice. 
Hanna: "You're very sweet." I blurted.
Raid: "No, I'm not," he returned. "I'm selfish and goal oriented. This shit is multitasking. Got you close, smell your perfume, feel your warmth, and later you'll be in a good mood. All that works for me."

Love this book! Loved this series, but I really LOVED this book. 5 SUPERSTARS!

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