Monday, March 4, 2013

Dirty Distractions by Cari Quinn

Review by Kimmi:

*Glack, Glack, Glack, ugh, umph, Glack* <----unintelligible and unflattering sounds from Kimmi while seizing. Lets allow her a moment and a cold shower to collect herself and her thoughts........................

OH MY SHITNESS that was freakin' HOT!!!!!! Oh, I'm talking make your mouth dry, your face flush, your breath quicken HOT DAMN HOT! Is it hot in here? Or is it the thick smoldering steam coming off Brad and Sara's pages?

All Sara was looking for was a fling, a quick fix to satiate and fulfill the need that comes knock, knock, knocking on her door every time Brad is around, with his fine young delicious self. <----- yes, I just used three adjectives, AND???? Brad earned those adjectives, and he earned them hard  ;  )

Sara has moved to a new town for a new job, however her new apartment is in the midst of new renovations so she moves in (temporarily) with her new BFF Kim and Kim's younger brother Brad. (So many new's, who knew?) Against Sara's better judgement she decides to allow her body what it wants most, a quick tangle in the sheets with smexy Brad. Why not? It can't hurt anything, right?  It's all good as long as things stay in the clear and set boundaries that Sara has put in place. However, when Brad starts pushing, and the lines begin to blur, can she walk away? Can she keep Brad as her flirty "Dirty Distraction"? Or has her heart gone beyond the point of no return?

I like to refer to Cari Quinn as the "Hotness Goddess", if there is something that I don't know is freaking hot as hell, not only does Cari find it, elaborate on it, and spell it out in black and white, she makes me pant for it! I would say I love this story, but that's too much of an understatement. I will say, over and over and over again, I want whatever the hell Cari Quinn is selling, tell me where to buy this ish in stock!!!!

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