Monday, March 11, 2013

Never Say Never Trilogy by C.M. Stunich

Review by Kimmi

This series is a terribly good, devastatingly perfect transformation from Unhappily Never Before to Happily Ever After.

There are only two types of books that will arouse my inner "Manic Reading Monster". When this manic being's head arises, it goes bat shit crazy. It will scour through Amazon Kindle, it reads book review after book review, it Googles, it searches, looking for that one out of a million, looking for that proverbial diamond in the rough. One of those two types of books is an honest to goodness DAMN GOOD Paranormal Romance. Where the author paints a world with their words, and does it so well (without getting too descriptive) that there is only one way to see their world, and that is through the authors eyes, and they follow up this awesome imagery with a bomb ass story. 

The second type of book is one that is ridden with angst, grittiness, and is a raw story that is so unpretty that you want to look away. It makes you grimace and feel uneasy because it isn't a safe Nicholas Sparks version of a love story. The magical aspects of these books, that brings my manic reading monster to the surface, that makes me read book after book, flying though these "types" just to find "the one" is created by the author. The magic is when the author uses her words and paints characters with sad and devastating pasts that make the reader cringe, yet gives them hope in tiny slices. This hope makes the reader want to stomach the characters shitty pasts, remain with them, purge the filth with them and at the end read and love their happily ever after, even if it isn't Cinderella's happily ever after. It isn't a fairytale ending, it's a real ending. C.M. Stunich does that with her characters in this series. She brings you through the muddy trenches and she does not let up. She stays true to her characters, Never and Ty. As you read chapter to chapter, book to book, you grow and heal with Never, until she is strong enough to hold Ty's hand while he walks this his own hell, grows, and begins to heal. I am so glad I found this series. I didn't find it through Amazon, or through google, but FB of all places, lol. I'm glad I found it because it has been a long time since I read "Undeniable" by Madeline Sheehan and I really, really needed a new story to fill that void that my manic reading monster has been scouring the book world to fill. And C.M. Stunich's "Never Say Never" series filled it with this truthful, real, and beautiful messy story that is Never and Ty's.

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