Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mobster's Series by Amy Rachiele

Ok, before I start this review I must state that I am biased on this book subject. With this said, it will in no way shape the honesty of this review. This statement is mainly just a side note to say, first of all I freaking LOVE Mafia shit. Seriously this is an untapped market in the Romance genre. Kudos to you Amy Rachiele for stepping out of the vampire shadows and rolling with a real "Alpha male" bad ass scenario! Now that I am done with my observation, soap box, and 2 cents, lol. I shall start the "Mobster's Series" review.

Review by Kimmi:
Whew! I had full intentions going into book 1: "Mobster's Girl" to read this series book by book and review in between books. Yeah, sooooooo didn't happen. I just couldn't help myself. I flew through this series! This ish was freaking so intense I couldn't catch my breath between each book much less write a damn review.  

So, I don't really believe in recaps or book descriptions in book reviews, it just seems like filler material, but I will do a VERY brief recap only because I am doing a review on an entire series and not book to book. 

Alas, my brief recap of "Mobster's Girl" 
Girl meets cutie Italian boy at the age of 5 in the sand box, Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, however the children are told to never play together, and the forbidden fruit seed is planted. Fast forward to their senior year of high school. Girl is fully aware boy is in line to be the next Mob leader and girl intends to keep to herself, her heart and her world safe and stay away from boy. Boy knows he has got to get into girls world, 'cause she is all he needs to calm the monster inside his self. BAM! Fireworks baby!

I absolutely loved Antonio! He is a no holds bar, "Don't think!   Just do!" kinda guy. He mans up and takes the hand that life has dealt him, and he plays it, hard. He may hold the respect of an entire town, and he may be the Don's only son, but he has only had eyes for sweet, pure Megan. For as long as Antonio can remember he has felt the need to shelter and protect Megan.

Megan and Antonio's love story is a beautiful and traumatic version of young love. It is compelling and heart wrenching, and it makes you beg for a happy ending. This series is a fast read that will not allow you to catch a break between books. For me, the whole series was just a fantastic continuous novel. I was so happy that Megan surprised me by growing and developing through the series to become a strong female lead character and a worthy other half for Antonio. This has been an intense and adrenaline pumping read! Let's call this awesome YA Series: "Fast times at Mobster's High"  ;  )

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