Friday, March 8, 2013

Genesis Queen by Gracen Miller

Review by Kimmi:

I have been reading and falling in love with Paranormal Romance novels for over two decades, In my adult years the three pillars of Paranormal Romance authors have always remained Gena Showalter, Karen Marie Moning, and J.R. Ward. However ladies you have met your match and you don't even know it yet. Gracen Miller has literally FLOORED me. Her "Road to Hell" Series has obliterated my solid foundations and faithful following to worship these authors. There is a new badass in town, and her name is Gracen Miller. This author didn't push me out of my comfort zone, she kicked my ass out of it, and it was an ass kicking I'd take over and over again. Her ability to create phenomenal characters, fantastic imagery, and a story that keeps your knuckles white from gripping your ebook is astounding. And just when you know no more shit can hit the fan, it can't get any worse (or better, hehehehe), Gracen flips the script while flipping you the bird and laughs in your face while patiently awaiting your delight. She does all of this with a devine grace that will torment your safe and sane mind. And in the end of it all, through your cries of victory and your tears of defeat, you realize you just read the BEST DAMN SERIES EVER. Yeah, she is that damn good.

In book 1  "Pandora's Box" and book 2 "Hell's Phoenix" of "The Road to Hell" series (see February reviews) Nix had me in hives he was so hot! There was no one else, only Nix could make Mads happy, safe and pure.

However, Book 3 "Genesis Queen", Book 3 belongs to you Micah, hands down and hats off baby. This review is in Honor of you, Micah ;  )
In Honor of Micah

Micah in my head

I like to think I don't, but the truth is I have always loved being made wrong. And Micah baby you made me be very, VERY wrong ;  )

To Micah, for making me want bad things ;  )

The ending of this series is as bitter as it is soooo sweet. This was the most fun I have had since I discovered LOTU, and I do not say that lightly. I will reread this series over and over again.  5 + solid GOLD STARS!

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