Friday, March 22, 2013

A Lacy Souvenir by Annelise Paige

Review by Kimmi:
*Warning: Viewer Discretion is advised while reading this review, and also while you drool onto your lap top and/or ipad over these "slightly pornish pic's". Hey if the pic fits, let the review wear it, just sayin'  ;  )
"A Lacy Souvenir" is rated X-tra effin HOT, and earned 5 red hot Smexy Kimmi Stars *****.


Ok, WHAT in the HELL was that? I'm still not really sure what that was, but I do know it freaking came outta damn left field! The beginning of this story is all "La te da" Wife and mother of two Jenna is in her 40's, and suspects her husband's infidelities when she finds womens panties in her husbands car, and these ain't grandma's panties either. However, she remains in her life's routine w/  play dates , shopping with friends, and her daily work outs at the gym, all while maintaining a happy and healthy home for her family.  Then out of no where Annelise Paige takes the smexy dial and turns that bitch up, WAY UP! I asked myself about 69 times <- hehehehehe "Is this really happening right now? Oh shit, yes it is really happening, I can't believe we are going here, but hell yeah, lets go!" Now don't get me wrong, I'm as much a smut whore as the next wine sipping, romance novel reading, married, mother of three. But this story knocked my socks off, and Annelise Paige knocks it out of the effin ball park with this phenomenal erotica story about a woman and her coming into own her sexual skin. This is book one of Annelise Paige's series "The Cathartic Adventures of Jenna Monteath" and the ending of book one left me slightly conflicted, yet itching for Book 2! Very well done Annelise Paige! This story you have created is an awesome launching pad for a fantastic series and I cannot wait to find out what you have in store for us next! 


  1. Kimmi,
    I love your comments and review of my book. It makes me feel that all the edits and time taken to build the characters so they would come into their own...has worked.

    I am so happy you enjoyed it this much, and yes, Book 2 of the Cathartic Adventures of Jenna Monteath will be out by mid April, Plus, Book 1 will be on Audio very soon too. Thanks again! Annelise Paige

  2. Available at Amazon, CreateSpace, and

    This is a new and provocative approach to the typical Series. It is an Interactive adventure for the readers to enjoy, with Romantic music to go with each Chapter or Main Event in Jenna’s life, and even discussions about the book both at Amazon, and on the Website at for those who would like to participate or leave a comment about the book.

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