Thursday, March 21, 2013

Leo by Mia Sheridan

Review by Kimmi:

*Sniffles* How can a book that has so much ugly in it be so damn beautiful? Oh my, that story has your tear ducts warming up in chapter one, and by the end you just a hot sobbing mess trying to finish reading it through your blurring tears! I love Evie! She is so sweet and kind hearted, she has the soul of a soldier and a heart of saint. And lord knows with the shit her life has been she shouldn't be the strong women she has grown to become. And Jake? Dear lord baby Jesus! Can you get any damn hotter? His past is something he feels he must keep hidden from Evie, because if she ever really knew, he knows he'll never get her back again. This story is a true no holds bar love story that will have you on an emotional rollercoaster begging to get off, yet screaming for it to never ever end! There is one thing that I really love about reading a book, and that is falling in love, and today I fell in love hard! With Evie, with Leo, with Jake, and with Miss Mia Sheridan! Damn, damn good book Mia Sheridan! I am freaking stoked to find out what else you have in store for us ;)



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