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Review -- Fragile Truths by D.H. Sidebottom

Fragile Truths (The Shadows of Sin #1)
***WARNING*** This book contains explicit sex scenes and strong language. No rape or sexual violence is included, however it does feature scenes with extreme violence and cruelty.

To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. Friedrich Nietzsche

The bitterness is consuming. Its intensity slashes and claws at my insides, its hatred wrenching my soul as it curls and nurtures my need for revenge.
His torture only feeds my vice. I won’t let him break me, only strengthen me.
The pain he gives is welcomed, its rawness fuelling the loathing inside with each of his thrashes and tears on my pale skin, with every harsh truth he breathes in my ear and with each of his crippling holds.
I have waited too long for this and I'll never let the bastard win. He will have to end me before I give in.
But now he has a weapon against me. Something I swore throughout my life I would never let in;

Her strength astounds me. He doesn’t seem to break her.
His relentless persecution and determination to bury her under his furious reign and brutality eats at my soul. It has found that dark place inside me, the pit of hell I had locked and secured away, and enriched it, demanded its flourish and ripened its ferocity. The family wrath.
She'll never give in, and I pray every night as I guide her through the darkness that tomorrow will bring the light to her soul before it is consumed, finally, by the plague of him;

 5 of 5 Stars
Where is the 6 star option??? Because seriously sometimes 5 is not near enough..I LOVED this one...LOVED. And it is quiet possibly my favorite 2014 read so far..

Now, I must warn you, if you are sensitive and not a fan of bad guys that use crazy forms of torture to get their way-- Do not read this book. Just walk away now. There were actually a couple times I needed to cover my eyes and peek through my fingers.... so, you have been warned...moving on.

Frankie's mom was murdered when she was young. And it has become her life long mission to find justice for her. She stumbles upon information that will send the man responsible away, and in doing so, puts her life at risk. But, she is willing to die for the cause.

Tate was with his Dad and brother Jude, the night Frankie's mom was murdered. They were in the wrong place at the right time, and as Frankie ran out of her house, Tate went after her. Once he finds her, they click. A bond is formed.

Years later, Frankie "runs into" Tate. Tate knows who she is, but she doesn't recognize him. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Frankie and Tate are kidnapped. Now, I have to tell you, the torture that goes on during this time was twisted. Unbelievable where the authors mind went. I actually had to put the book down and walk away a couple times. But, the story itself was so amazing and I was so curious as to what happened, I found myself drawn back. I HAD to know what was going on. And how they were going to find their HEA. And when Tate's brother Jude shows up on the scene as one of the bad guys, I was even more curious to see what happened.

I loved Frankie. She was determined and strong. She took the bull by the horns and didn't let anything stop her from going after what she wanted. And the things she endured while standing her ground, would of made me sing like a canary. She had an unbelievable ability to keep going and not give in to the madness that was swirling around her. She was even able to not give in when they went after Tate in an attempt to get her to spill the information they wanted.

Tate was just delicious. He was alpha male to his core. With a dirty mouth and a total take charge, my way or the highway attitude. He wanted Frankie, and nothing was going to stop him from having her. Even knowing he did not deserve her. And the things he endured for her, and to take care of her were borderline crazy. And no matter what was happening, he looked out for her, even at the expense of his own pain and suffering.

And somehow, during the madness, Tate and Frankie form a relationship. The bond that they made all those years before, never went away. Never eased up. And their souls spoke to each other, recognized each other and craved each other. And the things they were able to do while in captivity were scorching HOT!! Tate's domination over Frankie spoke to a need she didn't know she had, her submissive response to him filled the need in him that he had been searching for. And together they burn up the pages. And trust me, it more than makes up for all the dark and crazy that is going on around them.

Fragile Truths was a total page turner. I stayed on the edge of my seat the whole time. And the ending?? The ending was right out of the blue... I never saw it coming.

If you enjoy a dark read, a crazy read, a head scratching what in the world is going on read-- go now and down load this! I can not wait for the next one.. there is a next one--right??? 



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