Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shattered by Shelby K. Morrison

What is this book about?

What would you sacrifice to learn the truth?  That is the question Alex Bowen, a headstrong college student from Beaverton, Oregon, must ask herself when she learns she's being watched.  But who's doing the spying?  And why have they chosen her? 

Thrown from her world of comfort, yet determined to discover the truth, Alex soon finds herself cut off from family and friends and forced to make allies wherever she can find them.  With dead ends at every turn, and more than one pursuer closing in, she quickly learns some questions are best left unasked.  Now, with life and sanity on the line, Alex must resist her enemy's mind games if she wants to expose every dark secret.  To succumb would result in her true identity being lost forever and countless others suffering the same fate.  But to succeed, would shatter everything she knows.

Amanda Afterdark's Review

What.  The.  Fuck.  Just.  Happened???  This book absolutely blew me away.  This book was one badass psychological thriller that was a breath of fresh air for me.  It was badass.  Right from the get go I was like, say wha???  This book has action coming at you from every direction.  Then it will twist & turn until your head is fucking spinning..... Then, it twists & turns some more like a badass muthafuckin roller coaster.

Alex is one badass chick/heroine in this book.  BUT, there is a reason for that.  Oh, you wanna know why?  Nope, ain't gunna tell ya lmao!!!  If I did I would have to kill you and then you couldn't read this book and you need to.

I can't even imagine the time and effort that was put into researching for this book.  It is so believable it's not even funny.  I honestly think that what goes down in this book is totally believable on some level.  Think Conspiracy Theory.

The only reason I gave this book only 4 LipSmacks was because of the lack of sex.  I don't need hardcore BDSM, tie me up and spank my ass sex scenes all the time (only sometimes) but felt there was definitely some room for it and could have enhanced the story that much more.  Extreme situations do lead to people needing some tension relief.

Things I loved about this book were:

1.  It was badass
2.  There wasn't a Dom in sight
3.  The plot was believable (on some levels)
4.  It made me use brain - ya that's right!  Made think & ponder
5.  I love how the cover ties right into the story
6.  This book could totally be made into a movie ~ I shit you not!

What first drew me to read this book was the trailer for it.  So I'm just gunna go ahead and post it for you to watch, m'kay!  I'm nice like that.

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