Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Krinos by T.L. Smith

                                                                 Krinos (Take Over 1)
                                                                       By T.L. Smith

                                                                       4 Lipsmacks


             My life was simple. Follow instructions, learn the family business and
 be prepared to take over when the time has come. My name is Eliza,
although people in the business know me as Krinos. One thing you
should know about me is that my father is a drug lord, the boss in
these parts.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and
run the family business, to make my father proud, a business filled
with drugs, sex and death. What I’m not prepared for though is him,
the Greek god who walks into my life and threatens to rock my world.

Now, my life has just got complicated. But don’t misunderstand,
complicated is not a weakness. My father was not a man to cross, so
expect nothing less from me. I am my father’s daughter, and I will be
the boss.


 I love a really strong heroine. I have to admit, Krinos grated my nerves a bit. Im not sure what it was about her, but I had a love/hate relationship with her. I think my biggest block with her, was that I love a strong heroine, one that takes names and blazes trails, but has the ability to let the alpha male be the alpha male.

I loved the story. Iam a mafia loving girl. And add in a strong alpha female to rule the roost?? Yes please. And Krinos was just that. She was fearless, and went after what she wanted. She refused to bow down because she was a woman, and knew how to use her "assets" to her advantage. Lesson?? Never underestimate a pretty face with a smoking hot body, wearing a killer set of heels. Because the knife she hides in her garter, will get you every time.

Stephanos was her perfect match. He didnt take her mess and was not afraid of her father. He wasnt power hungry and looking to take over. And he was a greek God who knew his way around the bedroom. What more could a girl ask??? He was delicious!!!

Although Krinos is not a cliffhanger, it leaves you wanting more. Im ready to see where the author leads us.


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