Monday, April 28, 2014

Unstoppable by Scott Hildreth

Reviewed by LSGB's BOSS Bitches: Kimber and Natalie Teller

Kimber's Review:

All I needed was some Ripp. This character, in my opinion out shined the male lead, Shane in Undefeated. Mike Ripton is one of those characters who's so overwhelming in his literary presence that you easily visualize his gestures, body language, him. Just him, Mike 'Ripp' Ripton, he isn't a character on the pages you're reading, he's sitting right next to you, smirking around the toothpick in his mouth. And before you realize it, you've fallen ass over tea kettle for him over nothing more than the first paragraph of meeting him. I am not bullshitting either. I want to split a 12 pack with this motherfucker over a plate of chicken and shoot the shit. I want to ride his face and test out this lickle theory, and then I want to ride him until I experience fuck drunk, that's what I'm asking for my b-day this year, gotdammit!
I've only experienced characters like Mike, maybe two… no three times, characters that are wholly their own, meaning there is no, NOT one other character you'll come across in another book and think "Oh yeah, I know this character." Because if you haven't read Undefeated or Unstoppable, ahhh... No, you fucking don't. The storyline was superb, I read it one sitting, my ADD, goldfish attention span did not veer once. *Slow claps & whistles through looped tongue* I had a blast, a hot-fuck-me-like-I'm-getting-paid gotdamn blast! Unstoppable... here's your 5 stars, daddy. You deserved everyone of those mothafuckas. ☆☆☆☆☆

Natalie's Review:

Hey! It's Natalie! I just saw Kimber's review and decided I needed to hijack this mofo and add mine too! This book was that good! 5 muthafuckin' lip smacks from both of us! That equals 10! Hot damn!

WOW! Ripp is imperfectly PERFECT! Seriously. Ripp is a tattooed boxer, motorcycle riding, alpha male in ALL his pierced peen glory! He's a man whore, friend, provider, and pleaser. He LOVES FIGHTING and FUCKING! He is UNSTOPPABLE! 

Chapter 3, Chuck Fuckin' is MY chapter! Seriously, it holds a special place in my heart. *sigh* Ripp LICKLED me and CHUCK FUCKED me till I was FUCK DRUNK! And I mean DAHRUNKK! I couldn't even see spots! I was deaf and blind and could only speak 2 words “Yougottastop. Imgonnafuckingexplode”. *slow claps*

Ripp doesn't do relationships, he fucks.... UNTIL he meets Vee. Vee is an independent, take no shit bad ass chick who knows what she wants. They balance each other out and they are perfect for each other in every way. She's not one of those wimpy, whiney heroines that get on your damn nerves the whole time. I love her. 

Seriously, this book has everything that I want in a book. One minute your lady bits are tingling from the smoking hot sex scenes and the next you are LOL at the shit he says, all while following a great plot anxiously awaiting the outcome. These characters are so relatable. I feel like they are part of my posse, like we hang out and eat Sunday dinner together.

I was a tap, tap, tap, "literal mess of sexually tortured pleasure" while reading this book. It is an all time favorite of mine in the MUST READ category! If you haven't met Ripp yet, what are you waiting for? Go 1Click that Muthafucka! 

Scott, you always amaze me with the shit that comes outta your mouth. Your books are always unforgettable. Always be yourself and stay human, unless of course, you can be a unicorn. You. Got. This 

"a wet pussy knows what a mind won’t always admit. My wet pussy knew it wanted his pierced cock inside of it. As I closed the gap between us, Ripp smiled." Barbee, Unstoppable

“I’m gonna suck on your clit and lick your pussy ‘till your good and wet. After you’re soaked, we’ll get to Chuck Fuckin’” Mike 'Rip' Ripton, Unstoppable

“Additionally, I don’t know if a woman really ever impressed me. Not to a point I would actually admit it. Standing before this woman, I could safely state not only did she impress me, but I was quite certain no other would ever do so to this degree. Now standing three feet from my face, try as I might, I could not find one single flaw. Not one. Perfect skin. Perfect posture. Her clothes fit perfectly. Her jewelry was perfect, and she smelled perfect. Slowly, I inhaled through my nose, hoping to memorize her scent.”—Mike 'Ripp' Ripton Unstoppable

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